1. 100th Monkey

    Infowars melt down

    David Ortiz fired Aaron Dykes and Melissa Melton leave as well..... What is going on at Infowars?
  2. 2

    [Update!] Friends doctor

    Well, today is the final day my friend is going to deal with that nasty doctor, she's still so depressed I had to badger her into eating something again. I tried to call and leave the dr a "nice" little message as to what I thought of her her mailbox was full, and that if something happens to...
  3. Lady of Light

    TT Brown, a Counter-Intelligence Operative?

    As requested, this thread is to discuss TT Brown's involvement in what is now being considered counter-intelligence. Since I have no input on this topic, I will leave it here for those that do. Take it away!
  4. Denise


    Standing up for whats right! "... Amber Lyon [a modern day heroine] story is just the latest in a series of articles that expose the total Joseph Goebbels like censorship rampant in mainstream media today. The first one I posted several weeks ago exposed how the NY Times basically just...
  5. New UFO Hunter

    UFO streaks past plane (bright purple flash)!

    Sorry everyone, I wasn't capable of finding any history information regarding this video clip. Its short however really incredible! (IMO at least) Of course, I'll leave it at your discretion to decide whether it is authentic or phony.
  6. A

    Lets count to 1000

    As the title says, Lets count to 1000 I will start off at 1 Be sure to leave a comment as well as to anything on your mind :)
  7. New UFO Hunter

    UFO Galicia Spain (Amazing Footage)

  8. FACE33

    Leave it to small children to be honest

    Leave it to small children to be honest Here is one I thought you might like... :):):):):):):):) The children began to identify the flavors by their color: Red......................Cherry Yellow.................Lemon Green...................Lime Orange ................Orange Finally the...

    Time To Leave the Safe House

    Time To Leave the Safe House Time to leave the lemon trees, gardens flaked with roses. Time to slam the bolts back, break the paint seal on sash frames. Time to smash the searchlights, cut the wires on auto-gates. Time to let the dogs loose, to form packs in the forests. Time to roam the...
  10. R

    US Carriers overseas leave America unprotected?

    March 31st, 2009 in Breaking News US Carriers overseas leave America unprotected? Where are the Carriers?. Where are the Carriers? “When word of a crisis breaks out in Washington, it’s no accident that the first question that comes to everyone’s lips is: ‘Where’s the nearest carrier?’”...
  11. Rumas

    Adventures Beyond the Body by William Buhlman

    http://api.ning.com/files/nTSdV*CY*ywIHIm4D8CbwwHEN7RF9bXkD6C3pIfU-eo_/Adventures_Beyond_the_Body.pdf This book is a great guide to getting out of your body. The author shows you techniques you can use to make that cross over into the next dimension. It helped me to leave my body for the first...