1. New UFO Hunter

    Pilots video ufo flying saucer in peru

    This is without a doubt the best UFO video evidence ever captured on video You may now view this footage in full 1080p HIGH DEFINITION. For FULL EFFECT, PLEASE view in large screen mode. This footage was taken from a tourist plane flying over the famous Nazca Lines in Peru January of 2011...
  2. Truth Vibrations

    Amtrak shuts down Washington-Oregon route after mudslide

    A mudslide on rail tracks in Washington state has shut down Amtrak's route between Portland, Oregon, and Seattle, officials said. Amtrak spokeswoman Vernae Graham said mudslides north of Vancouver, Washington, led to a 48-hour moratorium. The rail lines extending from Eugene, Oregon, north to...
  3. M

    The Kitchen Shrink: A Psychiatrist's Reflections on Healing in a Changing World

    Have to say its definetly was worth the purchase and read. For the most part I found it refreshing then other memoirs that I have purchased and read. That are like hers because shes goes deeper then others. At least in my own eyes of course. At the same time felt there were parts of it...
  4. M

    [Rant] Win vs Lose vs etc along those lines

    Whats up with it and etc? As for me I'm torn on this, but at the same time do love the underdogs as well.
  5. M

    [Warning!] Rules and etc along those lines

    Whats up with the hidden rules and etc along those lines. Of course not on UHF, but on other forums besides UHF. Besides general rules and etc along those lines.
  6. M


    Is there a need for it? Mean in the present, past, future as well. Unsure on this. Found that in the US its mostly political, especially with abortion, etc along those lines. Instead of etc subjects as well.
  7. Rumas

    The Cosmic Plan

    Description: Peruvian ET Contactee considers "the big picture" including our interaction with ET's, time lines, crop circles and the like. Essential viewing.