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    [Attention] What may happen after your guns are gone

    [URL="after-gun-control-a-chilling-historical-perspective-share-2474718"[/URL] Let me preface by saying neither I nor my friend owns a gun, but we're not against the legal owning of a gun. Even we know what it means to take away everybodies gun, the hoodlums will have won as, they know they...
  2. Rumas

    Indiana Schools To Stop Teaching Hand Writing!

    'Who still writes in cursive? That age-old writing method you might never have used since fourth grade will no longer be taught in Indiana schools come fall, thanks to a memo from school officials. Instead, students will be expected to become proficient in keyboard use. Seems like a smart...

    Roland Barthes

    The boy with his mother in the photo, the boy with riding boots and a long path behind him leading to the seashore in fall, whose legs tangle below the knee his mother's skirts— wisteria stitched in into twill—he is in some difficulty now that world is mostly gone. Everyone has a mother, sure...
  4. R

    Ufo 's media can no longer hide the truth !!

    UFO 'S MEDIA CAN NO LONGER HIDE THE TRUTH !! September 23, 2009 Source: YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.


    Now your name's just a guest here, one that cancels all hellos. Fleshless you come & go through the mansion of air. How will I address you, small weather? Sometimes your name's a dress like an iron bell the years swing shadows from longer than home. Can you hear that word peal? I'm going...