1. Truth Vibrations

    'Kenya Mall Attackers' Bodies Still Not Found' Another fake story?

    This is similar to no bodies in Sandy Hook shooting and Bin Laden's death Source: Kenya Mall Attackers' Bodies Still Not Found - ABC News
  2. R

    Israeli terror at Nairobi’s ‘Jewish Mall’

    The Zionist Mafia including Barack Obama and David Cameron have blamed Somalian Muslim resistance group Al-Shabaab for the seige of Israeli-owned and run Nairobi Shopping Mall, which began on Saturday. Many stores in the mall are run by Israeli companies and individuals. The mall is one of the...
  3. Lady of Light

    June 23rd - Gone But Not Ever Forgotten - 2 Ladies From Elliot Lake

    It was this day, June 23rd 2012 that 2 ladies in Elliot Lake, Ontario died tragically when the town's mall, Algo Center Mall, collapsed on top of them. Lucie Aylwin and Dolores Perizzolo (Dumas) were those women who were taken from us on that day. Although one of the women (Lucie) had died over...
  4. 100th Monkey

    Media blackout: Oregon mall shooter was stopped by an armed citizen

    While reports of Tuesday's shooting at the Clackamas Town Center Mall in Oregon, dominated the national media, until Friday's horrific shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut, one very important detail has been repeatedly (and intentionally) left out of the MSM's coverage. The...
  5. Rumas

    [Update!] Two bodies pulled from Elliot Lake Algo Centre Mall Collapse Victims: Dolores Perizzolo (Dumas) and Lucie Aylwin Wednesday, July 27, 2012

    It has been announced that two bodies have been pulled from the Algo Center Mall roof collapse on Wednesday, July 27, 2012 but their names have not been released to the public. Family members have been contacted and since I'm a family member of one of the victims I thought I would post the name...
  6. Denise

    4th Dimensional Winged Being Caught On Tape By Mall Security Camera..!

    May 4, 2012 Take a look only at this amazing video clip which was allegedly taken with a mall security camera in Indonesia. What's your opinion on this, is that this real?
  7. Unhypnotized

    Deserted shopping mall bleak symbol of Fed bailout

    Alister Bull Thursday, October 22, 2009 OKLAHOMA CITY (Reuters) – A $29 billion trail from the Federal Reserve’s bailout of Wall Street investment bank Bear Stearns ends in a partially deserted shopping center on a bleak spot on the south side of Oklahoma City. The Fed now owns the...