1. Truth Vibrations

    Ben Fulford June 16, 2014: Are all of these emergency meetings of world leaders leading to some big announcement?

    June 16, 2014 Weekly geo-political news and analysis Full report here.
  2. R

    Ahmadinejad: I’m back!

    Appreciating the remarkable services to the 1979 Islamic Revolution and the nation as President of Islamic Republic of Iran – Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatullah Ali Khameni, on Monday, appointed Dr. Mahmoud Ahmadinjad to country’s powerful state Expediency Council (EC). “In view of the valuable...
  3. 100th Monkey

    Proposal For United Nations To Sponsor A UFO World Conference

    Steven Bassett is not wasting any time moving the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure forward. He is raising the issue to the UN in order to continue the Disclosure movement.
  4. Denise

    Dead doctors don't lie: Dr. Wallach

    I discovered this video and found it to be intriguing concerning nutrients and influence of minerals within the bodies and I felt I needed to discuss it with our members.
  5. 100th Monkey

    Company Connections -

    Here is a tool which allows you to view branching connections between companies by the shared members between boards of directors. Might be useful for people researching industrial relationships.
  6. Denise

    Solar System in 3D

    I just thought some of you members who are in to astronomy might like this:
  7. R

    14 UNSC members slam US for shielding Israel

    On Tuesday, in a rare move of unity, all 14 members of the UN Security Council slammed United States for threatening to block a UN Security Council resolution on Zionist entity’s settlement expansion..... 14 UNSC members slam US for shielding Israel | Rehmat's World
  8. Denise

    Caller Talks to Alex About Fed Giving Guns Away to Gang Members! - Alex Jones Tv


    Should We Test

    Should We Test a chat box here...???????????? Food for Tought Maybe we should have a chat box here to test it out see if it works for the members that come in...the PBP guys thought about it...that the members here might like it if it does not work with In a Month we can always take it out...
  10. Unhypnotized

    Cryptome offers a number of files on the murderous FRU

    Cryptome offers a number of files on the murderous FRU. Google "FRU and Cryptome." 10 March 2011. Force Research Unit Portrait 2 A sends: BBC Panorama on Monday evening is to screen a big expose: former members of the Force Research Unit (FRU) are being implicated in certain activities...
  11. buttman302

    [Awesome!] Thank You

    Thank You Rumas Staff and Members for the warm welcome I hope I could be of use here as well,, Looks like I'm home,, B hunter:thumb_yello:
  12. Lady of Light

    5 ways you can make Better!

    This website depends entirely on the generosity of its donors, sponsors and volunteers. Here are 5 ways you can help, and we hope you’ll choose at least one: 1) Become a website VIP member. Donations are used to pay for our ever increasing bandwidth costs, our hosting Service, domain...
  13. R

    Thank you everyone!!!!!!

    Just like to say thanks to all for evrything as well as Wizzard,Rumas, and Lady of Light thank you guys for the promo, i take this with great honor and and thak you all especialy the site members that keep on, as well as the countless guest that we have here at UHF take care everyone and keep...
  14. CASPER

    Happy fathers day to all dads

    To All Father Members here.....
  15. CASPER


    Hello everyone and all staff members..
  16. Aragorn

    Avatar help for new members

    i have been noticing some of the new members have not chosen an Avatar for their profile and i thought i would suggest a thread be stickied in the hello section or where ever would be best, that would help them with instructions on how to do that. that no avatar picture is frightening :lmao...