Should We Test


Should We Test a chat box here...????????????

Food for Tought

Maybe we should have a chat box here to test it out see if it works for the members that come in...the PBP guys thought about it...that the members here might like it if it does not work with In a Month we can always take it out...
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Re: Shoul We Test

Test it. If it's free test it! I'm for it. Good idea Casper! There's an old saying, " without testing, there's no invention."
Even Benny put a key on his kite when his wife told him to go fly it.


Why not!! you can always remove it if the chat box don't work out,, beside it's good to give a shout out to all the members who just check in from time to time,,

it does seem to work OK on our brother site,

We all know how hard Rumas and the lady of lite works and spend just to keep these sites afloat, and the members are seeing it with just a few changes now and then,,

also keep in mind this is not a "testing type site", "like an FTA", so I would think all the topic posted in forums could be incorpated into our ever day chat room as well,
something to think about!!


OK Buttman you convinced me once i will take care of it soon...

Ricklbert I added:
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Anyway let me know its it what you wanted?



I must have been sleeping i could of swore it was not there but then again i cant even remember five minutes ago he he........