1. feihung1986

    Subconscious communication tutorial

    This is a tutorial on how to communicate with your subconscious. It is not as complicated as it sounds. By doing (feeling) it right it is possible to learn it within a week. Well, there was a client who took me a year, but it is never the less achievable. Just don’t try to complicate, the easier...
  2. 100th Monkey

    Alien UFOs exist, and this is why our government won't disclose them

    This is a good read: By Inelia Benz: Source: https://ascension101.com/en/home/free-articles/94-june-2014/448-alien-ufos-exist-and-this-is-why-the-government-wont-let-you-know-about-them.html
  3. White Rabbit

    Ten Methods of Modern Mind Control

    Its always good to look at ALL possible causes of brain washing! Read more here: » 10 Modern Methods of Mind Control Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!
  4. 100th Monkey

    The Satanic HIVE Mind Exposed (Video)

    The Satanic HIVE Mind Exposed
  5. 100th Monkey

    Micheal Jackson's mind blowing last phone call and hip hop conspiracy

  6. Truth Vibrations

    Bases 30 Mind Control in Britain Cathi Morgan

    Published on Aug 29, 2013
  7. Truth Vibrations

    State of Mind the Psychology of control

    A very good documentary on mind control.
  8. Z

    Hello all

    Wow. I am so excited to find a forum with my interest in mind. No one in my circle of friends are curious about these ideas.
  9. Boiling Frog

    Truth: Jesus is NOT Real!

    I am not attempting to stir up problems . All I ask is you not comment on this thread until you have viewed the initial 25 minutes of the video with an open mind. In my opinion any rational, sensible individual will see that in Jesus do not existed or was a relation savior patsy.
  10. Truth Vibrations

    Awakenvideo.org: Mnemonic mind control in mainstream Television

    Important information to pass on and share: "Published on Jul 25, 2013 VANCOUVER, BC - In an interview with Alfred Lambremont Webre, John and Bonnie Mitchell of Awakenvideo.org share their expose of Mnemonic mind control technology pervasively embedded in mainstream television, from news...
  11. Boiling Frog

    TSA now searches inside parked cars at the airport they use keys stored by valet attendants

    Warning: The lady from the video stated she did not mind the search she simply wanted to be informed initially.
  12. 100th Monkey

    OUR STORY: The SETI Institute

    I find this fascinating and could make for good conversations. Video description: It's strange the only evidence I recall is the famous 'wow' signal. Even NASA produced more evidence without even trying.
  13. Truth Vibrations

    Jordan Maxwell on UFOs & New Song

  14. Truth Vibrations

    New Film Exposes Secrets of Mind Control

    Watch the State Of Mind: The Psychology Of Control Trailer here:
  15. Truth Vibrations

    Kerry Cassidy's update from the Washington DC Disclosure Hearings

    Quoted from MJ News: Source: http://www.motherjones.com/politics/...s-venture-star
  16. Truth Vibrations

    INGRESS - Google asks you to chose sides in a mind control game

    Google has released a comparatively new android game and It's all about mind control. In the game you'll fight with the use of your smart device. Google created a sci-fi style game and augmented it with reality technology. John Hank, the head of the project says In addition, Hank says...
  17. Denise

    Who Needs A Brain?

    Published on Apr 13, 2013 http://www.foodforthemindandfireforth... Keith Scott-Mumby MD reveals astonishing cases in which normal-functioning individuals had "virtually no brain tissue" left. How is this possible? Simple really: our minds are NOT in the brain, rather the brain is in the mind...
  18. 100th Monkey

    FreemanTV - Cathy O'Brien - Mind Control and Sandy Hook..!

    Published on Jan 15, 2013 Loughner, Holmes, Lanza, are the Powers That Be using Mind Control to transform America? Freeman and Frater X interview the authors of Access Denied, Cathy O'Brien and Mark Phillips... http://freemantv.com
  19. Linda Brown

    Dr. Elizabeth Rauscher and "mind control"

    Lady of Light, Since this seems to be the thread for this discussion I would like to ask your members what they know about Dr. Elizabeth Rauscher and what she may be involved with now and for the next year? Any one have any current information? She has personally expressed an interest in my...
  20. Truth Vibrations

    David Icke 2012 - Disconnecting From The Mind Parasites