Kerry Cassidy's update from the Washington DC Disclosure Hearings

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Quoted from MJ News:

When I meet Cook, who served in the House from 1997 to 2001 and now works in the mining industry, he is otherwise occupied talking to a woman in jeans and brown boots with a hand-held Canon camera who says she's spoken to whistleblowers about the government coverup on extraterrestrials.

This, it turns out, has real policy implications. "They know visitors to this planet might not be friendly," she says of the whistleblowers—which "means Star Wars [the missile defense program] might just be a good idea." Cook is less sure. But, he tells her, "UFOs are real. Exactly what their origin is, is unclear."

What follows is a rush transcript of the ensuing exchange:

-Are you aware of bases? Underground bases?


-I'll go as far as underground cities, are you familiar with that?

-Uh, no.

-Are you aware of the Venture Star?


-The Venture Star is off-planet. The US is inter-stellar. Does that blow your mind?

-[stammers] I'm approaching everything with an open mind.

Cook has been getting a lot of this at the hearings. But he was sufficiently affected by the Tuesday testimony of Air Force veterans who claim the Department of Defense is illegally refusing to release their medical records that he called up his lawyer during the lunch break to ask about it.

"This made me feel like I wasn't wasting my time," Cook says. "Because there were some things I saw yesterday, I'll be honest..."