1. Truth Vibrations

    Ben Fulford June 16, 2014: Are all of these emergency meetings of world leaders leading to some big announcement?

    June 16, 2014 Weekly geo-political news and analysis Full report here.
  2. 2

    [Rant] Kind of concerned (apartment)

    Don't know if this exactly qualifies as a rant or not, maybe kind of, a concern. I believe I've mentioned we have a new owner here at this place, where we are kind of stuck, due to this being a transient state and majority of landlords charging 1st last and security, and not being able to...
  3. Denise

    CBC under attack from the Harpy government please help!

    The Harpy government of Canada has been trying to sink the CBC for several years now. Please help keep our information free of control! Sign the petition here:
  4. Unhypnotized

    ‘War is a war even if they call it a humanitarian mission’

    July 5, 2011 To discuss the significance of Germany’s latest move RT talks to political blogger Rick Rozoff. Source...
  5. Rumas

    UK Couple Living Off-Grid Facing Prison Unless They Move Back

    A couple living an "off-grid" lifestyle say they face prison unless they move from their own land in Willand and return to an existence in the benefits trap. Stig and Dinah Mason bought Muxbeare Orchard after a sudden windfall allowed them to quit their impoverished lives on a Hertfordshire...
  6. M

    Small businesses

    Especially the area where I was born, raised, still live as well. Anyway, three out of the five businesses are going of businesses and the other one is moving to another town. This isn't the 1st time this has happen, but its getting more frequent now. At the same time the spaces of these...

    Use Your Senses

    U - Use All Your Senses, Undue Haste Makes Waste You may make a wrong move when you react quickly without thinking or planning. That move may result in your capture or death. Don't move just for the sake of taking action. Consider all aspects of your situation (size up your situation) before...