1. 100th Monkey

    US names Guantanamo Bay's 48 indefinite detainees- The Afghan war is over, no reason to keep them

    US names Guantanamo Bay's indefinite detainees. Afghanistan war has ended, there is no purpose to hold these guys anymore! Except if they're to be charged in a civil court for criminal violations, whereby they must be transferred to civilin prisons. Published on 18 Jun 2013...
  2. New UFO Hunter

    30 Years Of UFO Crash Reports Go Public

    “In those 60 volumes we have government interference, the FBI and CIA stopping the ufologists at any cost,” Ventre said. “He names Donald Rumbsfeld and President Ford as being briefed on UFOs by J. Allen Hynek. He talks about UFO investigators being beaten or receiving death threats. He...
  3. Denise

    17-year-old sexual assault victim could face charges for tweeting names of attackers

    A Kentucky girl who was sexually assaulted could face contempt of court charges after she tweeted the names of her juvenile attackers. Savannah Dietrich, the 17-year-old victim, was frustrated by a plea deal reached late last month by the two boys who assaulted her, and took to Twitter to expose...
  4. Lady of Light

    New: Past Life Readings (Through Visions Only)

    After a recent conversation with one of our members (that member can come forward on their own, if they so choose, I'm not mentioning names), I have decided to offer Past Life Readings (for free of course), for anyone who chooses to get this done. Please note: I have never offered past life...
  5. R

    Ehud Barak names the pasty on 9/11



    Now your name's just a guest here, one that cancels all hellos. Fleshless you come & go through the mansion of air. How will I address you, small weather? Sometimes your name's a dress like an iron bell the years swing shadows from longer than home. Can you hear that word peal? I'm going...