1. New UFO Hunter

    New MOD UFO Files Released

    Source: UFOs | The National Archives But unlike earlier releases, it seems the you will have to pay for the records!:confusion:
  2. Truth Vibrations

    NASA make earth shaking announcement on November 13th, 2013 a HOAX?

    What do you think this is about? UFO disclosure perhaps? NASA's Announcements: Source: NOVEMBER 13TH - NASA DISCOVERY WORLDWIDE ANNOUNCEMENT
  3. Truth Vibrations

    Anonymous Warning: 5th November 2012

    I just wanted to post this here for reference.

    Doctor Who Season 7 (2012 Season)

    Season 7 of Doctor Who not scheduled to air until November of this year (2012), kinda disappointing. I was really looking forward to the new season airing as it normally does at the beginning of the year, but, now we wait i guess. They only just started filming it, according to what I've read...
  5. Truth Vibrations

    DAVID ICKE: You Get What You Take (MAD WORLD) - (Viewer Discretion Advised)

    19th November 2011 ...if We will take it...they Will give it to us!!
  6. Unhypnotized

    15 Year Old Kick Starts The Revolution

    This is what really has TPTB really flapping. School Students Against the War | Afghanistan: Troops out now protest | 20 November 2010 | London Coalition of Resistance conference | School Student | 27 Nov 2010
  7. R

    Honeybees still active in November

    Honeybees still active in November Monday, December 14, 2009 WAGENINGEN - Bees in November were still active. Researchers at Wageningen UR in recent months saw many bees flying around with pollen on their legs. Normally they sit in the penultimate month of the year already in the closet...
  8. Unhypnotized

    HR 3962: No Child Left Unimmunized Against Influenza?

    Infowars November 11, 2009 Source...
  9. Unhypnotized

    20,000 March on Washington, DC Health Care KILL the BILL 11/5

    Live Report From Health Care Rally In Washington, :dc: | November 5, 2009 | Steve McGough Posted on November 5, 2009 3:55:49 PM EST by Biggirl With the help of Steve McGough's mother, Carol, who was in D.C. today to give a report to Jim Vicevich. Taped...
  10. Unhypnotized

    Jeff Rense Radio Show...Nov. 3/09

    Raven Weeps! Radio Special with Jeff Rense on November 3, 2009 from 8 to 10pm salish raven Warning: Adults ONLY! Must be over 30/thirty to listen to this show, though we will not card you. Information relates to 2012, and not the Oct. 25 through November 5th, 2009 forecast. Please check...