1. New UFO Hunter

    Linda Moulton Howe's Revealing Big Picture

    This a a great video filled with information. Some of the topics covered: ET's made genetic manipulations - to produce containers. Incidents show: other realities, high strangeness: resurrection technologies. The praying mantis: sadness, and as old as our solar system. Preying mantis can...
  2. Denise

    21 Pictures That Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity

    I found these picture have touched me I hope they can touch you too. :applouse: See if you can read this without tearing up? Source: http://www.buzzfeed.com/expresident/pictures-that-will-restore-your-faith-in-humanity 1. This picture of Chicago Christians who showed up at a gay pride parade...
  3. New UFO Hunter

    UFO fleet photgraphed over Denmark?

    UFO fleet photographed over friend's allotment garden in my hometown Odense, Denmark, on May 23rd 2012 ~ I was on a trip together with my friend out in her allotment garden in the Southern Odense, in order to assist in her vegetable garden. Exact 1:18 pm, we sit and relax and enjoy the good...
  4. syra

    Chandra today reports new findings, claiming first real evidence of black holes.

    High Energy Astrophysics Picture Of the Week
  5. New UFO Hunter

    Amazing UFO Over NY ... Is disclosure getting closer?

    2010-06-29 Picture taken by cell while driving Jeep at 55 MPH NY, US Long Description of Sighting Report Judy was driving in to her job as a Home Health Aide and saw what she thought was a hole in the storm clouds, she had her cell phone with her and took a picture of the hole in the clouds...

    Coloring Book

    Each picture is heartbreakingly banal, a kitten and a ball of yarn, a dog and bone. The paper is cheap, easily torn. A coloring book's authority is derived from its heavy black lines as unalterable as the Ten Commandments within which minor decisions are possible: the dog black and white, the...

    Ufo-uk 1954

    UFO-UK 1954 UFO Picture Taken in the United Kingdom in 1954 - Flying over the trees on a cool summer evening someone looked up and snaped this picture of a UFO. Notice the strange bottom of the UFO picture, it's unlike many we see high in the sky and appears to be some kind of landing...
  8. Lady of Light

    Missing Arms In Photo

    What does it mean when someone's arms are missing in a picture? The wall shows behind her, but the arms are completely missing! It's the freakiest thing I've ever seen! Here's the story: An aunt of my husband, was on vacation with her sister in the Dominican Republic. It was a trip that she...
  9. Rumas


    Description: This is a movie about the new technology that is responsible for so much unexplained death in our nation and indeed around the globe. Thanks to marshal thomas and all who love this country and our constant vigilance which freedom demands, we finally have a clear picture. Virgina...