Missing Arms In Photo

Lady of Light

What does it mean when someone's arms are missing in a picture? The wall shows behind her, but the arms are completely missing! It's the freakiest thing I've ever seen!

Here's the story:

An aunt of my husband, was on vacation with her sister in the Dominican Republic. It was a trip that she won in some contest. A day or two before they left to come home, at the place they were staying, they decided to take pictures of each other in front of a wall in their room. When they got home and got the pictures developed, the strangest thing appeared. (or should I say, disappeared.) Her arms were completely missing from the picture. Like I said up top, the wall behind her was there.

There was NO distortion of any kind in the picture. It was not a double exposure or anything like that.

A psychic told her she should burn the picture. (Now I think that's just preposterous!)

I would like to get a hold of this picture and get it posted if I can. I hope she still has it. It is quite the sight to see!