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    [Must See!] Was this The Start of Project Blue Beam? Pyramid shaped UFO's

    Well now the big scare about 2012 Apocalypse should be over with at least I think it should be, what if these were either the start of or a dry run for Project Bluebeam or disclosure time? [URL= The recent pyramid UFOs seen over China and Colombia are particularly similar and might well show...
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    [Must Read!] A False Flag, Project Blue Beam, Depopulation or the Real thing?

    Planet X/Nibiru Is Real: Announcement By The United States Will Happen Before November 2012! | Conspiracy Theories I first heard of Planet X/Nibiru in an interview of Nancy Lieder on Coast to Coastam awhile back when nothing happened at the time she said it would, I more or less put it back on...
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    Huge Sinkhole Opens Up In Brooklyn, New York: Nibiru?

    They still claim that Nibiru is coming. Haven't seen any real proof, but then the weather is weird. If it's not HAARP then what could it be. Why are they constantly spraying the chemtrail? A huge comet coming in, weather manipulation, a set up for Project Bluebeam. Why do they cover the...
  4. Denise

    Bold Plans to Mine Asteroids - US firm 'to mine asteroids'

    What do movie producers possibly have to gain from helping space agencies mine asteroids... possibly a bluebeam cover Heralding a new frontier of space exploitation, Planetary Resources announced plans to send a swarm of robot miners into space to prospect resource-rich chunks of rock not far...
  5. New UFO Hunter

    Is Project Blue Beam Imminent? Alien Invasion Media Stories.

    The United States Military Are Making Plans For An Alien Invasion Today (Australia) Posted April 9, 2012 Australia 'Today Show': U.S. Military Making Plans for Alien Invasion. Story here: Anchor: “Wouldn’t it be a strange situation if humanity had to band together...
  6. Denise

    Project Bluebeam: LG Optimus Hyper Facade In Berlin!

    Incredible! Project Bluebeam technologie could easily being utilized to stage a bogus alien invasion or second coming of Jesus Christ. Fantastic! Extraordinary and horrifying simultaneously!!
  7. Denise

    Project Blue Beam Imminent? Study Reveals Alien Invasion Likely Because Of Global War

    Well this truely is a case of killing 2 birds with one stone. The main stream get to hype up the fiction that is man made global warming at the same time as revealing a "study" that says if an alien invasion occurs, it will likely be because of our green-house gas emisions. Project blue beam...
  8. Denise

    CNN - Fake Alien Invasion Can Improve The Economy + Admits It Would Be Fake(Project Bluebeam)

    Just listen to this! Talk about hiding things in plain sight, and laying out the agenda. Here we see Nobel Prize winner Paul Krugman actually saying that an alien invasion would see the economy sorted in 18 months, even if they had to come out and admit there was no threat after that time...
  9. New UFO Hunter

    Michio Kaku Hyping Alien Invasion As Corporate Media Says Alien Threat Would Help

    Project Bluebeam Imminent? Michio Kaku Hyping Alien Invasion As Corporate Media Says Alien Threat Would Help Global Governance. Source:
  10. New UFO Hunter

    SWARM - (Watch the Skies!)

    SWARM is a multimedia mashup featuring George Carlin, David Wilcock, and William Cooper. From the free floating opening footage of birds swarming, it's a rollercoaster ride through the skies with commentary on the chem/con debate, recent sky anomalies such as the Norway Spiral, HAARP, and...
  11. Rumas

    Virgin Mary in Africa Sky or Project Blue Beam April 20, 2011

    JavaScript is disabled! To display this content, you need a JavaScript capable browser. Adobe Flash Player not installed or older than 9.0.115! 'The infamous NASA [National Aeronautics and Space Administration] Blue Beam Project has four different steps in order to implement the new age...
  12. Lady of Light

    MIRAGE - Buildings and mountains appear in China - Project Blue Beam?

    To too sure about that one, is it a hoax? Project Blue Beam?
  13. New UFO Hunter

    UFO in Australia - Possible Project Blue Beam

    This has been observed all around the eastern sea-coast of Australia around 530 in the morning Easter. If you ask me, whenever zoomed in, it looks like a projection of earths moon. opinions?
  14. Unhypnotized

    Virgin mary appears in africa sky on easter bluebeam warning - clear hd footage

    PROJECT BLUEBEAM "WHEN JUST SEEING IS BELIEVING" As we uncover the fallacy of Christianity that has been the plague of this world for who knows how long the "Unseen Hand" continues the campaign preying on the ignorant. Jesus Christ externalized is the Anti-Christ Apollonius of Tyana who all...
  15. New UFO Hunter

    UFO MSM Exposure Mass Sightings Commencing

    Sightings growing in a remarkable pace. Benevolent ET's? Bluebeam? Nephilim arriving? Portals? NWO propaganda? There are a lot of facets and agendas behind such phenomena.
  16. V

    What does astrology say about 2012?

    december 21. 2012 is the end of the mayan calendari know that the mayans were into astrology but dont know much about their astrology. since mayan astrology is tied into the Mayan Tzolkin Calendar then maybe we can look at it to determine what this really means.the 2012 date is not signify...
  17. New UFO Hunter

    Is new Jerusalem UFO video proof that extraterrestrials are visiting Earth?

    March 20, 2011. Michael E. Salla, Ph.D. The Dome of the Rock is an Islamic Shrine built over Jerusalem's Temple Mount Eligael Gedalyovich, who released the first video of a UFO hovering over the Dome of the Rock, Jerusalem on January 28, 2011, claims to have found new video that reveals in...
  18. Unhypnotized

    Project Blue Beam and the New World Orders Sinister Plan

    The Government Rag | Researcher and journalist, Stephanie Sledge exposes more of NASA's Project Blue Beam and tells of a horrific sinister plan of the New World Order powers-to-be plan for humanity with Radio Host Joyce Riley on The Power Hour. This unbelievable plan to bring about a New...
  19. Unhypnotized

    HAARP and Project Bluebeam

  20. New UFO Hunter

    Mccollum exposes attempted ET manipulation at new agey festival

    In an exclusive January 2, 2011 50 minute video interview with Alfred Lambremont Webre on ExopoliticsTV, former Project Seagate whistleblower and Project Camelot witness Aaron McCollum has exposed an attempted recruitment by the organizers of the June 13-19, 2011 ‘Festival of Enlightenment’...