1. s_coy2005

    protection and cleansing

    i would love to know some protection and cleansing techniques.. please share some i could try em
  2. F

    Is Meditation Protective?

    Does practicing meditation help you protect your mind from outside influences? Are you better able to withstand control techniques such as ones you see on TV?

    Meditation Breathing Techniques

    Taking into consideration all types of rumination practices, they always involve clearing your mind of all thoughts and doing meditation breathing techniques. It is the total focus on the breath that enables you to let go of any thought you may have and relax your mind and body so you can...
  4. Unhypnotized

    woman shares her keylontic science experiences on youtube

    The Guardian Alliance teachings through Ashayana Deane experienced... week 1 week 2 week 3 These are the techniques she is using:

    Harnessing the mind

    Ways of harnessing the ever-changing, ever-shifting mind are as varied as the different techniques of meditation. But by and large, they all practice mental exercises, which aim at capturing the very nature of our minds. While the Buddhist Satipatthana Sutra advices the meditator to be mindful...