Meditation Breathing Techniques


Taking into consideration all types of rumination practices, they always involve clearing your mind of all thoughts and doing meditation breathing techniques. It is the total focus on the breath that enables you to let go of any thought you may have and relax your mind and body so you can rejuvenate and heal. Just as someone who sleeps deeply will wake feeling refreshed, a good session of meditation breathing techniques daily can do the same.

Many people feel rushed, out of breath, or like their minds are racing over a thousand thoughts at once. Some people need to maintain this high brain activity to perform their every day duties, but it is just as important to find time to visit the other end of the scale and allow yourself to completely relax without any thought or deliberation. Meditation breathing techniques are designed to do just this, and when used regularly, the relaxation will spill over into your daily life as you find your self more able to handle whatever comes your way. Although there are a wide range of breathing techniques to try, for beginners it is best to keep it simple and use basic breath focus as your sole initial meditation breathing technique.
The first step is to be in a comfortable position. Take time and consideration in adjusting your body until you feel right about your arrangement, whether sitting in a chair or lying down. Some people prefer to be on their side or occasionally on their stomach – this is not important, as long as you are 100% comfy before beginning the meditation breathing techniques. Whatever thought is on your mind, let it go: If you are in a state of deep contemplation about a particular problem, reassure yourself that everything is going to work out just as it should, and let it go for now. Without further reflection, shift your focus to your breathing. Spend at least a minute simply observing your natural breath as it is, feeling the rise and fall of your chest and abdomen, the way the air passes through your nostrils and throat or the feeling of exhaling through your gently parted lips. Without any effort on your part, your breathing will slow of its own accord.

Next you want to deepen your rumination even further, and you can use many meditation breathing techniques to fast track the process. With total focus, take three slow, deep, breaths; simple meditation breathing techniques use a count of eight for your inhalation, then hold the breath for the count of eight and exhale for the same. This keeps the breathing even and also gives your body an oxygen boost which relaxes you even further. If a thought does pop into your mind throughout the session, as before, remind yourself everything is fine and all will resolve just as it should. Take comfort knowing after your meditation you can spend time thinking about whatever you like, but now is not the time. Sometimes you will start thinking without even noticing you are doing it, and this is okay. As soon as you become aware of your contemplation, remind yourself again that you are observing your breathing only right now. After the three deep breaths, you will find your breathing is noticeably slower and less frequent. Simply remain in this state of observation as long as you like, and if you drift to sleep that is okay too.

It is not uncommon for people to experience restlessness or a moment of discomfort during the initial meditation breathing technique’s effects. This is simply the body’s way of either releasing built up stress and tension or resisting the relaxation because it is so used to being high-strung and on-the-go. Rest assured that if you stick with it the benefits will be worth while as you become calmer, more comfortable and more confident each day you practice.

Meditation breathing techniques are the most important part of the meditating process. If you begin to feel bored with the basic breath focus method, there are more advanced meditation breathing techniques available for practice. You could also consider joining a meditation class or looking online for the many quality guided mediation audio downloads that are available. The more you meditate the deeper you will be able to go into relaxation and the more benefits you will receive. If you are new to the practice of meditation, this simple breath focus technique is an excellent starting point for you.