1. Denise

    Tucson Awake & Aware Interviews Michael Monk

    Here is a video with Michael Monk: video description: Dr. Marjorie from Tucson Awake & Aware interviews Michael Monk in depth. In this interview Michael discusses his upbringing and beginnings in energy mastery work. He also clarifies many technical details about the photos and videos he...
  2. Denise

    Suzan Caroll - Multidimensional News - Ascension

    THE PROCESS OF ASCENSION We are the Arcturians. We enter the consciousness of our awakened grounded ones now because we wish to prepare you for what is soon to come about in your reality. We would like to communicate with every one of our grounded ones, but, unfortunately, there are still...
  3. day

    Possible evidence of spiritual oppression

    POSSIBLE EVIDENCE OF SPIRITUAL OPPRESSION COMPULSIVE THOUGHTS Extremely low self-image (unworthy, a failure, no good - a constant undermining of the self-identity.) Constant confusion in thinking (sometimes great difficulty in remembering things) Inability to believe (even when the person...
  4. R

    Something Doing We Don't Know What: Trailer

    Something Doing We Don't Know What: Trailer Something Unknown | A Spiritual Documentary Film About Psychic Phenomena Is it possible that some people can read your mind?(Telepathy) or look into the future? (Clairvoyance) Why is it that some people can cure themselves while in the...
  5. Aragorn

    New Telekinesis Toys

    *New* Brain Controlled Toys ! See Video Here Brain Wave of The Future What If You Could Move Objects With Your Mind? Well, That Time Has Come. You slip the wireless headset on. It looks like something a telemarketer would wear, except the earpieces are actually...