Something Unknown...is Doing We Don't Know What: Trailer

Something Unknown | A Spiritual Documentary Film About Psychic Phenomena

Is it possible that some people can read your mind?(Telepathy) or look into the future? (Clairvoyance) Why is it that some people can cure themselves while in the last stages of a deadly cancer? (Healing). Does mind over matter (Telekinesis) really exist, and if so, how do we explain this? People claim to see distant objects or places (Remote Viewing). Do they really see something? And where is the boundary between 'real' psychic powers and fraud?

Can these miracles of the mind be explained? These questions and more are explored and answered in this fascinating and quirky feature documentary "Something Unknown... is Doing We Dont Know What" by Dutch filmmaker Renée Scheltema. Join leading experts in the field of science, alternative medicine and more as they reveal profound insights into world of the unseen and offer scientific evidence behind psychic phenomena! Special Jury Award at the International Arizona Film Festival 2009.