1. 100th Monkey

    Black Eyed Peas - Imma Be / Rock that Body Video Analysis

    "he Imma Be / Rock that Body video begins with all of the BEPs sitting in an office, talking and working on ideas. The main guy, Will.I.Am, is sitting at his computer looking at images of robots. You can also see the speaker cone sound cannon laying on the table, which foreshadows the events...
  2. Denise

    NWO Transhumanism MindWarping Lecture by Tom Horn HD

  3. Denise

    The Age of Transitions (full length documentary)

    The Age of Transitions is a documentary about converging technology, transhumanism, artificial intelligence, life extension, brain implants, social science, propaganda, nanotechnology, eugenics, geopolitics, world revolution, and more
  4. day

    Outside the Box (Transhumanism Special with guest Tom Horn)

    Outside the Box #90 (Transhumanism Special with guest Tom Horn) :coffee: I Breaking news, US, World, Science...
  5. day

    Tools and techniques for transhumanism - A future way of life? (non reviewed)

    Tools and techniques for transhumanism - A future way of life? (non reviewed) Govil, J. Kaur, H. Kaur, N. Maharshi Dayanand Univ., Delhi This paper appears in: Southeastcon, 2008. IEEE Publication Date: 3-6 April 2008 On page(s): 51 - 51 Location: Huntsville, AL Print ISBN...
  6. day

    Steve Quayle Singularity -AI, Transhumanism, Neural Engineering

    Steve Quayle Thursday Sept 17 09 speaking on Singularity - Monsters in the Making, Transhumanism, Neural Engineering
  7. R

    Is a Transhumanist future occuring right now

    March 16,09 Can you imagine a future where parents can pick the eye color, hair color, skin color and height of their new baby? Does that sound like some wild dream of the future? Well, the future is now. One Los Angeles fertility clinic is now offering to design babies to the exact...
  8. Rumas

    The Age of Transitions video

    Seems interesting, i haven't had the time to watch it. But it looks like its very interesting. Description:
  9. Unhypnotized

    Beware the Transhumanism movement.

    A new paradigm is emerging nowadays. Transhumanism A group of scientists and individuals from various fields to manipulate and control every aspect of human for "improvement, enhancement." We will see startling ideas and products from them. When transhumanism is combined with eugenics...