1. Unhypnotized

    Awesome story: unborn baby tells Mum its all Ok via Ultrasound scan!

    After the trauma of three miscarriages, Louise Neate was desperate for a positive sign when she became pregnant again. It came from her unborn son himself. Her 21-week ultrasound scan clearly showed the baby making a V for victory gesture in the womb. Everything's alright: The baby's...

    Scientists breed a mouse that sings

    # Singing mouse was born by chance # Now there's more than 100 singing mice # Researcher hopes to make a Mickey Mouse APANESE scientists have produced a mouse that tweets like a bird in a genetically engineered "evolution" which they hope will shed light on the origins of human language. A...
  3. Unhypnotized

    The Real Story Behind Bill Gates And “Death Panels”

    Microsoft founder is a hardcore eugenicist who has publicly stated his intention to use the billions worth of vaccines his foundation funds to lower global population Paul Joseph Watson Prison Planet.com Tuesday, September 14, 2010 Bill Gates’ advocacy for “death panels” has caused...
  4. Unhypnotized

    DARPA Wants to Install Mind Control Devices in Soldiers' Helmets

    By Clay Dillow 09.09.2010 http://www.popsci.com/technology/art...smart-and-safe Standard Issue Mind Control DARPA wants ultrasound-enhanced helmets that allow soldiers to stimulate certain regions of their brains. DARPA has been trying to crawl inside the minds of soldiers for a while now...
  5. Unhypnotized

    Bill Gates Funds Covert Vaccine Nanotechnology

    05-28-2010 02:12 AM 'The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is gaining a reputation for funding technologies designed to roll out mass sterilization and vaccination programs around the world. One of the programs recently funded by the foundation is a sterilization program that would use sharp...
  6. Unhypnotized

    Energy healing of a cancer tumour

    Amazing footage of energy healers 'zapping' cancer cells in a patient with bladder cancer .
  7. day

    Awareness - The Renewal

    The Renewal Stuart Wilde - April 30th, 2005 Worlds in Collision Our three dimensions are extremely yang. It's a violent universe. And this is a hardnosed, yang planet, run by males to their greater glory. But that may change. The arrival of the feminine spirit seems to be accompanied by a...
  8. R

    Seven year old boy could "see" through his ears

    Seven year old boy could "see" through his ears October 7, 2009 Lucas Murray was born blind seven years ago and his life was doomed to depend on other people. But the seven year old boy from Great Britain taught himself to look through his ears. He was even nicknamed the "bat boy. Who...

    China announces first panda from frozen sperm

    BEIJING – China announced the first successful birth of a panda cub from artificial insemination using frozen sperm, giving a new option for the notoriously poor breeders, officials said Friday. Panda females have only three days a year in which they can conceive — one reason their species is...