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The Renewal
Stuart Wilde - April 30th, 2005

Worlds in Collision

Our three dimensions are extremely yang. It's a violent universe. And this is a hardnosed, yang planet, run by males to their greater glory. But that may change. The arrival of the feminine spirit seems to be accompanied by a beautiful softness. A further six dimensions are now laced between the spaces of our 3-D world. It's the goddess standing between the molecules and ideas of the masculine. It's a glorious renewal.

About time too, we need it!

I've been waiting for along time for a goddess apparition to appear in the sky. A massive one was seen by a few people in Austria, in May 2004. ( see : below). But I was hoping for other apparitions that would be seen by everyone. So I waited one more year.

I sought to build a bridge from this world to the next. It may sound a bit daft but I've taken a lot of people over and back. Some got a bit freaked out as their shadow was still hidden and intact, and so they saw that darkness, rather than what I hoped they would see. It was the demon peep show rather than tea with Merlin, as a pal of mine called G-Force described it. I decided to wait a bit and send everyone that would go, to the Ayahuasca temples instead. I thought that once they saw the stunning beauty of that, they wouldn't be scared anymore.

We come from an incredible place, a celestial world that is protected from evil. If you look here in the Morph Worlds there is a short piece someplace, called The Pod . That will give you an idea.

We are vast and we straddle many dimensions, like jam laced through in a sponge cake. The renewal involves the awakening of the transdimensional human—past the silliness and cruelty of the yang, and on through the heart of the goddess to the other side. It forms part of the remembering that I have written about before.

To that end, I sought to build a club that I call the Redeemer's Club (bits of that information are also in the Morph wall). It's a plan for sophisticated, esoteric travelers that can't be bothered to hang around at the bus station any longer. They want to see the real thing and more than anything else they want to remember.

Time to walk on—almost ready, soon now.

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Apparitions in the Austrian Mountains
Stuart Wilde - May 5th, 2004

In early February, I had a very powerful vision in which a sign on a wall said, “Ninety days to go.” The message was upside down. The most accurate and most powerful visions come in full color and upside down, because they are from a heavenly dimension that is placed at an angle of 180° to us.

I was excited by the message because at the end of January I realized that something good had happened because the ghouls that are in the inner subconscious of humanity started to back off a bit; there was a breath of fresh air all around, and impediments to various projects that I was involved in started to fall away. Many people told me that they also felt the change and things seemed brighter and more hopeful.

We've been in a ghoul war for over two years, fighting all the way, and often we'd despair that it would ever end. It is all part of the arrival of the Goddess and a transdimensional overlay that I call the Morph, which is making itself felt here in 3-D. The Forces of Light are coming but first they have to fight the ghouls and back them off to get in. I hoped that the end of the ninety days would mark a final victory over the ghouls and that the entry of the Forces would be complete.

The ninetieth day was May 4th, which to my great surprise turned out to be the night of the lunar eclipse. The Forces of Light use lunar eclipses to hit the ghouls. In some way that I don't understand, the eclipse weakens and disorients the ghouls. There was a big battle over Scotland at the time of another lunar eclipse in November 2002. I saw parts of that--the ghouls got nuked left and right.

On the night of the eclipse, I went out on a cliff in a very remote place to watch it. It was very beautiful. The moon turned brown and then it got even darker, and finally I could only see the slight outline of it. The full eclipse lasted about an hour. Just as I pulled up, the radio in the car was playing a classical piece called something like “The arrival of angels in the sky.” I found that rather amazing.

Meanwhile, friends of mine were in the Austrian mountains and they saw the eclipse there. It was accompanied by some amazing, thousand-foot apparitions in the sky that seem to suggest the arrival of the Goddess. The apparitions lasted about an hour. Here is what one of them wrote about it.

“It began with the eclipse of the moon. As the moon shadowed over, within the reddy-orange glow, they saw a newborn baby. The bottom half of the moon, glowing silver, formed a birth canal for the baby's head to come through. The child that came forth was so bright, totally shiny and clean and golden.

Next, more visions in the sky began to unfold. It was a truly miraculous thing. They saw a huge eagle, two kilometers high, with the now full moon as its eye. Then slowly forming around the moon was a massive wave. The deep blue night sky formed the wave itself, and the light wisps of cloud were literally "moved" into place as though someone purposefully guided them. It looked exactly like a wave when breaking - but of tidal wave proportions. We were standing directly in the path of the wave and for a moment it was quite scary, and then it shifted to become a massive angel's wing...directly out of a painting, like Michelangelo. No mistaking it. No guess work - right there.

Next there was a massive face - not human, but not alien either. They described it as like a Picasso painting, fractal-like but clearly a face, expressionless - just looking.

Then what followed was a huge hand - pointing to the West - with perfect fingers and they could even see the lines on the palm of the hand. Then as quickly as that was there, they saw a cross section of a womb that appeared in the sky, just like the videos people see of ultrasounds....the moon was like a shining egg locked within the soft folds of the womb, and then it changed color - going red and then blue and then shiny black...not like a night sky black, this was an oil-slick, shiny black, with strands that formed a shape inside that looked like the beginning of another child.

Then the apparition shifted totally and became an oyster shell, with the moon as the most brilliant pearl you have ever seen.

All up - from beginning to end, the process took about an hour. It was the most unbelievable ‘signs in the sky' experience we had ever witnessed. It was a video sky presentation of the arrival of the feminine. We all felt we had witnessed the birth of a Goddess.”

Conclusion. I can't say if the ghoul wars are finally over but once the Forces of Light have a strong foothold here then it is only a matter of time before the ghouls get backed off and the protection that tyrants enjoy falls away as the shadow of humanity is exposed. The world will shift from a war-like, racist, yang perspective to a softer, more compassionate, yin perspective. In that process the Great Lies will be exposed. The Goddess will bring with her a new justice.

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