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  1. Denise

    Damning (Climategate 2.0) Emails (Expose) Govt Collusion..!

    Climategate scientists DID collude with government officials to Hide Research that didn't fit their Apocalyptic Global Warming..! 5,000 leaked emails reveal scientists deleted evidence that cast doubt on claims climate change was man-made Experts were under orders from US and UK officials to...
  2. 100th Monkey

    4 Star General Talks like a Truther? NWO Secret Societies illegal Wars Agenda!

  3. Denise

    30% US Drinking Water 'Contaminated' Has Parkinsons-Causing Chemical..!

    Exposure to industrial solvent 'can increase risk of Parkinson's Disease six times'! Chemical is banned in food and pharmaceutical industries but is still used as a degreasing agent. 30% of U.S. drinking water supplies believed to be contaminated. By Anthony Bond - 14th November 2011 A...
  4. 100th Monkey

    Scott Olsen 'Cannot Talk' After Injury at Occupy Oakland Protest

    "cott Olsen, the Iraq war veteran who was seriously injured by a police projectile during a protest in Oakland, has regained consciousness but "cannot talk." Olsen, 24, is communicating with friends and family at his bedside by writing notes, but his injury is believed to have damaged the...
  5. New UFO Hunter

    Top NASA Shuttle Astronaut: Aliens Are Real...I Guarantee It

    It's a bombshell story, a former SCO of NASA's space shuttle fleet announced that he and NASA know that ETs are real. Clark C. McClelland, a senior member of MUFON from 1958 to 1992, has revealed in the Canadian press that secret details of an amazing incident occurred during the STS-80...
  6. New UFO Hunter

    UFO over Wenatchee, Washington on September 2011

    Date of sighting: September 2011 Location of sighting: Wenatchee, Washington

    Too wacky? Moving water from flood to drought

    WASHINGTON (AP) — As the soggy East tries to dry out from flooding and Texas prays for rain that doesn't come, you might ask: Isn't there some way to ship all that water from here to there? It's an idea that has tempted some, but reality gets in the way. A Texas oilman once envisioned long...
  8. R

    Hurricane Irene IS MAN MADE and being guided by HAARP!

    Hurricane Irene IS MAN MADE and being guided by HAARP! Also if you watch this Disney video from parts one to three you will understand how they are doing it......Part three is the one to watch if you have no patience!!!! Sources:HAARP, Hurricane Irene and the DC Earthquake YouTube -...
  9. New UFO Hunter

    UFOs The True Story of Flying Saucers 1956 docu/movie

  10. New UFO Hunter

    Washington D.C. Radar Sighted UFO's July 26-27, 1952 (FOIA) (February 14, 2008)

    An extremely interesting assortment of records and documents that shows the way the USAF discovered their conclusion and public posture of explaining the Washington D.C. UFO radar sightings as anomalous weather condition phenomenon. Introduced by Clifford Stone using the Freedom Of Knowledge...
  11. Denise

    Inside the eye

    This particular Thread is devoted to an exceedingly enlightening Radio Show that will educate, inform and brimming with useful material. This Radio Show presented by THE FETCH The New World Order is in focus. From the early references in Plutarch to George Bush Sr. 9-11 statement, the history...
  12. CASPER

    Weather Service urges to be spared from spending cuts

    MIAMI (Reuters) - Nature has not stinted in unleashing deadly weather on the United States this year and leaders should recognize the need for good forecasting services when they wield the cost-cutting knife, the director of the National Weather Service said on Thursday. Jack Hayes used the...
  13. CASPER

    Secret Service apprehends White House fence jumper

    WASHINGTON (AP) — A homeless man was in custody Tuesday night after climbing over the White House fence, the Secret Service said. The man was immediately captured by uniformed Secret Service agents, who guard the complex around the clock, said agency spokesman Ed Donovan. He had a backpack that...
  14. CASPER

    Heat, thunderstorms on tap, also tropical storm watch

    WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Overnight thunderstorms peppered the Northeast on Monday and threatened to return with damaging wind gusts and hail as record-breaking heat tightened its grip on the Southern and Central Plains. Hurricane watchers, meanwhile, kept their focus on a Caribbean storm brewing...
  15. New UFO Hunter

    C.B. Scott Jones, Ph.D. on Veritas - An Insider view of Ufology and Parapsychology

    "Dr. C.B. "Scott" Jones discusses his storied career trajectory from Korean War bomber pilot through myriad U.S. Intelligence positions at home and abroad, and the string of mind-boggling incidents that transformed a career bound toward Navy Admiralship into one as outspoken advocate for world...
  16. New UFO Hunter

    Aliens spoke to us in a 'cat-like language' claim Russian flight controller

    Posted by R|«ђ on March 2, 2011 at 2:30am in UFO/Alien Phenomena Discussion View Discussions Air traffic controllers in Siberia claim they were buzzed by a high-speed UFO with a female sounding alien who spoke in an unintelligible cat-like language. The mystery object suddenly burst onto...
  17. New UFO Hunter

    Wilbur Allen radio interview: UFOs & ETs (Coast To Coast)

    Former White House/Air Force One engineer for ABC News, Wilbur Allen has been a contactee since childhood when he was implanted. In recent years, he has forensically documented sightings and anomalies through photography. Describing his first abduction at five years old, he said the grey ETs...
  18. Unhypnotized

    Glenn Beck gets a hero's welcome in Israel's parliament..!

    With his outspoken, conservative views, TV commentator Glenn Beck constantly courts controversy in the U.S. but in Israel it's another matter. On his latest trip to Israel, and in his first time at the Knesset in Jerusalem, the Israeli parliament, he was given nothing short of a hero's welcome...
  19. Denise

    For fans of Messages From Matthew

    http://stevebeckow.com/2011/06/backg...-2011-message/ I believe the creator or this site is directly in touch with Suzy Ward, who channels Mathew's messages. There is a lot more channeled info on his site as well. "Background and Analysis of Matthew’s June 11, 2011 Message 2011 June 12 by...
  20. Lady of Light

    Terry Redman Confronted in Nannup, WA, Australia

    Terry Redman Confronted in Nannup for letting GM in W.A (on Wednesday 6th July 2011, WA, Australia).