I believe the creator or this site is directly in touch with Suzy Ward, who channels Mathew's messages. There is a lot more channeled info on his site as well.

"Background and Analysis of Matthew’s June 11, 2011 Message
2011 June 12
by Steve Beckow

The article has been revised in line with some clarifications that I’ve received from Suzy Ward.

I’d like to discuss some of what Matthew said today and something of Matthew himself.

Matthew spent only a short seventeen years on Earth. In my opinion it was just enough to learn the language, customs, and other cultural aspects of life in this era before he returned to the spirit planes.

In the part of the work known to us, Matthew serves as spokesperson between the physical and spirit planes for a group of souls who assist us to know about Ascension-related events behind the scenes. Apparently his collaboration with his mother began with first one book, and then a total of four, and then messages began to assume a greater and greater role in his communications. There are now over 6,400 subscribers to the service.

For the past twelve years, Matthew’s primary mission has been traveling around the universe accepting invitations from physical civilizations to evaluate their spirit realms and help them upgrade them. Before that he went up through the ranks of Nirvana’s soul transition service until reached the top position.

Matthew has friendly contacts with many souls, one among them being the incarnate Hatonn, the director of multidimensional communications between Earth and elsewhere and an intergalactic fleet commander. Matthew also knows Ashtar and Ashtar holds him in the highest regard. Here is Ashtar’s assessment of Matthew and his medium, his mother Suzy. I had called him Lord Ashtar:

“Steve, this is Ashtar. I prefer simply Ashtar, not Lord or Master or any other added affectation. …

“I want to tell you why you can trust the information we transmit to Suzy Ward. We know Matthew—all highly evolved beings in the universe know this soul—and his soul and his mother’s vibrate at the same high frequency, where only truth is passed between beings wherever they are, and she is known by us as a uniquely clear receiver.” (1)

When Ashtar says “all highly evolved souls in the universe know this soul,” that is not faint praise and can be accepted, in my opinion, at face value. Matthew speaks with wisdom.

So a message from Matthew is always a long-awaited occasion.

Matthew says many interesting things in his current message. One is that the Illuminati have held onto power years longer than the planners of the Golden Age’s master plan had anticipated. Remember that the galactics and spirit hierarchy observe the universal laws of free will and karma and cannot interfere with a soul’s choices, even if they are destructive, unless divinely authorized to do so. So the galactics, though able to sweep the Illuminati aside, are not authorized to do so.

Matthew again emphasizes how much of the disasters happening currently are man-made, caused by the Illuminati. But he adds that they are affecting everyone, particularly “exacerbating the dis-ease of persons with organic malfunctions and weakened immune systems.” These are matters that we wouldn’t have known about other than through sources like Matthew.

He tells us that the process of putting the weather-manipulation systems out of action is complicated by their integration into the main power and communications networks but that the galactics can and will do that when they are on site.

He informs us that all the preparations for a television program introducing the galactics have come to naught, in part because before essential details were finalized, the Illuminati caused havoc in countries whose leaders would have participated in Disclosure.. Well, that certainly points to Japan.

All the fires, floods and other weather anomalies in Australia, followed by the disappearance and possible destruction of their UFO files, might also suggest Australia. Both have paid heavily for their possible involvement in Disclosure.

The United States has also been hit by severe weather manipulation such as fires, floods, and tornadoes. A severe snowstorm that shut down Washington, DC, and other storms was intended to cause thousands of flight cancellations, preventing travel in and out of pertinent destinations.

The new favored plan for Disclosure is “a dramatic display of spacecraft and a simultaneous special bulletin on radio and television stating that the crews have come in peace and will land to assist us in ways that will be enumerated.” Well, that makes our work all the more important. If there is not a globally-televised program before the appearance of ships but simply the appearance of ships, the anxiety factor among the population may be higher.

So our work in getting out information on the galactics and their mission and ships becomes that much more important. I may reorganize this site to make that information more prominent but your help is needed to comb the Internet, gather up information on galactics and their ships and make it available to the public. I would suggest working with Tyco to mount the material to her two sites, Exofriends and Spaceships, or starting your own. Now is the time to act.

I see that the Turner classic movie network is featuring monster and alien films all this month so Matthew’s suggestion that the Illuminati will oppose Disclosure with fear-inducing alien movies seems to be justified. Matthew says:

“By Illuminati intention, there is an abundance of ‘entertainment’ that reinforces the invasion idea and a dearth of information about the civilizations that have been helping Earth ever since the populating programs started in antiquity.”

Again our work counteracts that tendency and eventuality. We can supply the gap in constructive and truthful information. This is it, folks. This is the time we’ve been waiting for.

Because I’m a communicator, I often mention only those ways of serving connected with communicating. But Matthew reminds us that there are many more ways to serve.

We rejoice at the outpouring of caring about others and the eagerness to participate in transforming your world! Follow your heart, do what you feel inspired to do. On a practical basis that could be sharing with needy individuals and local charitable groups whatever resources you have—time, talents and skills, knowledge, money, tools and equipment, transportation, shelter—or supporting national and international organizations engaged in environmental preservation or legal, political and economic reforms.

On a higher plane, visualize the world you want for yourselves, your children and their children: a world of love, peace, mutual respect and life in harmony with all of Nature. Never underestimate your power to turn visions and thoughts into actuality!

Matthew goes on to discuss the effects of the low vibrations and steps we can take to minimize them.

Matthew then reminds us of the necessity of not perpetuating darkness by responding violently and vengefully to the exposure of the crimes of the Illuminati. He discusses how it came to be that some people assumed the dark roles so that millions of souls could have the opportunity to complete their third-density karma. He reminds us that, no matter how things may appear, no dark ones will escape what he calls the “lifeprint review” and what is more often called “the judgment,” in which the soul reviews its own actions in this lifetime.

The dark ones will go automatically to the lowest layer of Nirvana, which I assume to be the dark planes or Winterlands, where the energy is in accordance with their lifetime energy registration.

He asks us to send light and love to those members of our universal family with whom we are eternally connected at soul level and not to react with anger and hatred.

He tells us flat out that there will be no 1,000-foot tsunami. Perhaps I should repeat that passage:

Although we hope that none of you is apprehensive about the recent predictions of cataclysms, we shall tell you that there will be no 1000-foot tsunami; no celestial bodies will collide with Earth; radiation from Japan’s Fukushima nuclear plant will not cause population extinction; no plague will annihilate most of the world’s peoples; living underground will not be necessary; the fight for freedom in Arab countries will not ignite WWIII. Your desires that none of those will occur are added to Earth’s intention that they will not, and the energy produced in the collective consciousness assures that none of those devastating events can be manifested.

He reminds us not to force our views on others in the process of sharing.

So there we have it – a much-awaited message and an assurance that Disclosure is close. Matthew has alerted us to current discussions of its form and how we can assist in winning acceptance for our space family. Its final form has not been decided. He reveals much of the mysteries that are occurring such as why so many of us are so dragged out and he encourages us to begin our work for society, our serving at the banquet of Ascension. "