1. 100th Monkey

    The Independent "Weather is the new Cold War"

    The newspaper "The Independent" did the below article regarding weather manipulation, this really is fantastic news that folks may start getting small bits of the truth, "Weather is the new Cold War" Source: Let's play God: The scientific experiments that might save the world...
  2. Truth Vibrations

    Who Funded Hitler? -- Questions For Corbett #008

    "Published on Jul 22, 2013 SHOW NOTES AND MP3: In this edition of the ongoing Questions For Corbett podcast series, James answers your questions on weather manipulation, cyber attacks, water wars, biometrics, Hitler, online anonymity and more."
  3. 100th Monkey

    New ChemTruthers Documentary 'OVERCAST' CrowdSourcing HD

    Video info:
  4. New UFO Hunter

    Aliens worked with US military 2013 March 23 Australian TV

  5. Truth Vibrations

    Meteorite crash in Russia: UFO fears spark panic in the Urals (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

  6. 2

    Zeroing in on Southern California, H A A R P

    I don't know if its just me or what can't seem to get the video to play, but thought it was interesting enough to go ahead and link to. What are they doing to us and why? HAARP Zeroes In On Southern Cal: "Significant Change Is Expected" | Unexplained Phenomena
  7. 100th Monkey

    "Why in the World are They Spraying?" Full Length Documentary HD

    People around the world are noticing that our planet's weather is dramatically changing. They are also beginning to notice the long lingering trails left behind airplanes that have lead millions to accept the reality of chemtrail/geoengineering programs. Could there be a connection between the...
  8. Truth Vibrations

    Preston Nicols & Al Bielek - Weather Warefare

    Weather modification or something else?
  9. 100th Monkey

    Chemtrail Pilot talks (silver iodide weather modifcation)

    Starts about 2.30
  10. CASPER

    US sees $32 bn in 2011 weather-related losses

    Extreme weather across the United States, from huge floods to deadly tornadoes, has led to $32 billion in economic losses so far this year, the director of the National Weather Service said Thursday. "It has been a costly year for extreme weather," Jack Hayes told reporters on a teleconference...
  11. 100th Monkey

    Is HAARP Weather Mod Causing the Texas Drought?

    *'Texas is suffering seriously as you can see from this drought map. What's striking is how the hardest hit areas almost follow the border of Texas exactly. That, as well as Oklahoma, and then into the Louisiana gulf area, which has been targeted before with both Katrina and the BP Oil...
  12. Unhypnotized

    Evidence of HAARP weather modification

    Prediction of severe weather in the Midwest involving HAARP rings and scalar squares proves correct And it happened ...
  13. Unhypnotized

    Florida What is This Loud NOISE IS IT HAARP? March 20, 2011

  14. Unhypnotized

    Go or no go?

    The EVE calibration payload is ready to go, but what will the weather do? NASA sounding rocket 36.275 is scheduled to launch today (February 23, 2011) from the White Sands Missile Range (WSMR). The launch window is from 11:20-11:50 MST, but the forecast as of yesterday afternoon indicated...
  15. CASPER

    35 zoo animals freeze to death in northern Mexico

    CIUDAD JUAREZ, Mexico – Thirty-five animals at a zoo in the northern Mexico state of Chihuahua have frozen to death during the region's coldest weather in six decades. Serengeti Zoo owner Alberto Hernandez says 14 parrots, 13 serpents, five iguanas, two crocodiles and a capuchin monkey died. He...
  16. CASPER

    Cold weather chokes Southwest natgas supply

    Frigid weather in the U.S. Southwest choked natural gas supply on Friday as frozen wells starved pipelines, but normal operations were expected to resume over the weekend with a return of milder temperatures. Unusual cold in the gas-producing Southwest has affected supply equal to 5 percent of...
  17. R

    [Video] Disney's Eyes in Outer Space 3 of 3 - The Future - Weather Control

    Disney's Eyes in Outer Space 3 of 3 - The Future - Weather Control
  18. day

    USA - National Weather Service Watch and Warning

    For the latest up to the minute Watches and Warnings for the entire USA, please click on the link below. The interactive map can be used to get regional and local information that may be critical for your family's personal safety. Click on your city or region for the information that you need to...
  19. Unhypnotized

    SHOCKING! Transbiology

    Transbiology From 2-25-10 If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, quacks like a duck ... what is it? Strange things are happening in our world. Materials are emerging that have not existed before, and we're not talking...
  20. Unhypnotized

    Another weird cloud!!!

    Weird formation!!!! quote... A contact in Australia just alerted me to what he describes as "very strange weather taking place over the south west of Australia". He told me to go to the national weather satellite images if I could not open the images he attached (See left). By the time I had...