1. White Rabbit

    Ghost appears in window of house in Ohio

    This is a picture taken of a house in Ravenna Ohio. It seems to be showing a face of a little girl looking out a window. Source: Ghost appears in window: Lu Ann Sicuro experiences strange, frightening activity in Ravenna home
  2. Truth Vibrations

    Window of Great Change; Drunvalo's February Mesage

    I found this interesting:
  3. New UFO Hunter

    UFO Filmed at Paris Airport

    A passenger films this UFO from airplane window at take-off.

    Window / Candle

    this light that looks like lightning outside is inside sputtering dance of tattered flame in a draft between doors knot of wick softening wall of wax it's not that "I don't understand why you had to be taken from us" but any act of...

    Hillsides collapse as storm lashes SoCal

    LAGUNA BEACH, Calif. – Axl Dominguez awoke early Wednesday to a bumping sound and looked out the window to a scary sight: plastic trashcans floating down the flooded street. And then the water came rushing into his house. "We didn't have time to get anything ... Water started coming in from...

    Coram’s Fields

    Coram’s Fields 10 am A man with a dozen yellow tulips is reading the notice board on Emerald Passage: Mila Campnoy from the Calthorpe Institute will talk about Flowers & Their Uses. He thinks about going and meanwhile the yellow of his February tulips is making the man at Bikefix sing a small...
  7. R

    Interesting website:ricklbert Liberty Conspiracy | We believe in the Invisible Hand and the Broken Window...