UFO Filmed at Paris Airport


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Bonjour, felicitations pour ce couvrage.
I fully believe this is accurate but let me tell you I never know which one maybe fake because of the software that is availabl to manipulate pictures and video.
Did you actually notice it when it happened? What do you think?


And that's just it any video can now be manipulated so what is really true? You can't really believe what your eyes tell you anymore.


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Denise, I like so-called megalithic structures located around the world,
art work from the middle ages and before like the "Visoki Decani Monastery" that shows a man in a flying capsule,
crops circles,
animal mutilations that doctors say could not have been done with human technology,
images that captured UFO's in space you can download directly from NASA.gov sites.


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It's hard to say whether or not it's real. It LOOKS pretty good. I'm a little taken by that trail on the end of it though. That's different than any other I've seen.

Honestly though, upon first look, especially before it went frame by frame and then the zoom in, it looked like a bug right outside the plane. But then especially when he zoomed in, it looks like a saucer shaped something.

But, these days, god only knows what authentic and what's not.