1967 - Ronnie Grey Hill: close encounter of the 3rd kind

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If this is real, the ET look like C3PO from Star Wars. Perhaps this was a inspiration for the robot?


Our consultant Andres Duarte has examined the existing information, as well as the original photo, and he has found several inconsistencies both in the reported data and the image. Firstly, the picture received from Skinner is 90x90 mm, but Keel said he received a contact copy, and a contact print of a 620 film is 56 mm high, this conveys doubts about whether the submitted photograph is really the original or not. Secondly, the picture received shows an illumination equivalent to a light source located at 25° of elevation, while according to the testimony of the boy the picture was taken at 2 pm, when the Sun was about 75° high. This discrepancy in the angle of illumination is important.

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