Oscar Linke - Close Encounter of the 3rd Kind - 1950

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It was the earliest dated case in the Project Blue Book files to involve a landing and visible crew


Linke and his daughter are the only close encounter witnesses to appear in 'The Flying Saucer Mystery', a brief film documentary by Telenews (1952)

The article underneath has been published in Le Figaro, Paris, France, page 7, on July 7, 1952:


Translation: "The "Sunday Graphics" publishes the "sketches" of the flying saucer that would have been discovered on the ground in Eastern Germany - London, July 6

Mr. GEORGE EDWARDS, chief engineer of the aeronautical factories "Vickers", said in Sunday Graphics of the declarations in connection with the news according to which Mr. Oskar Linke, mayor of a locality of the Soviet zone, refugee in Berlin, had seen a flying saucer on the ground in Eastern Germany.

The engineer, who refused to decide on the scientific value of this testimony, has however recalled the research made in England before and during World War I on an apparatus with a circular wing which was nicknamed "the flying donut".

According to the declarations of the German mayor, the British engineer estimates, the machine described would be an observation craft. Its phosphorescence would be explained by the fact that it would have a jet engine making it capable of taking off vertically.

The German mayor had also spoken about the metallic suits that dressed the aviators. This detail appears also probable to Mr. Edwards.

The Sunday Graphic devoted its first and second page to this affair. It publishes the drawings by Mr. Oskar Linke, showing the saucer, which would be of 13 meters in diameter in a clearing surrounded by fir trees. A cylinder, high of three meters, and near which two aviators are in observation, emerges from the saucer. At the periphery, there are coupled exhaust pipes of semi-conical form. Another drawing shows reversed saucer rotating at high speed on itself, the cylinder remaining motionless and being used as pivot. Flames emerge from the exhaust pipes. The third sketch shows the saucer taking off, the cylinder reappearing then on the upper part."


In a new clipping from Nacht-Depesche, Linke had said of the two figures, "they were dressed in heavy garments, like people wear in polar regions." Those garments were made of a shimmering, metallic substance. Asked by ufologist Leon Davidson in 1958 if the figures were human or humanoid, Linke opened up the possibility they could have been another type of creature since their manner of locomotion "was a glide similar to that of bears"

Below is an excerpt from Leonard G. Cramp's book: UFOs and Anti-Gravity: Piece for a Jig-Saw (1966)



When Ted Bloecher wrote up the case file for the November 1980 issue of MUFON UFO Journal, his assessment was that the witness was credible, the story was internally consistent and the detailing, though unprecedented, was persuasively authentic.