January 14, 2012 at 4:52am

Our A-E-O-N Spiritual Helpers Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation 7 Ix, 17 Mac, 10 Caban April 9, 2002 Selamat Jarin! We come again, dear Hearts, with more good news! As you prepare for your new reality, we wish to introduce you to more of what lies ahead. In many previous messages, we have briefly discussed A-E-O-N, and how a new local Spiritual Hierarchy has been put in place around Mother Earth. Now, we will expand upon this by acquainting you with some of the special Beings whom Lord Surea has sent from A-E-O-N to help guide you toward your marvelous destiny. A-E-O-N surrounds the throne of the Almighty. There, the great Seraphim sing the praises of Creation and of how the Creator fashioned spirit and matter. With them, the Creator forged the divine plan and sent out the energies that gave it life. First came the countless realities of Heaven and all the glorious Beings who inhabit it. Next, the Creator revealed physicality in all of its endless multitudes. In physicality, many events were destined to occur that were capable of granting the wisdom and knowledge required by Heaven to unfold each Creation. Each Creation was designed to set the stage for the one that would follow it. Before we introduce you to these glorious Beings of Light, let us tell you more about the triune nature of the Creator. Lord Kuwea represents the essence of Divine Will. 'Ku' means divine fire or spirit. 'Wea' is the divine thought upon which it is embodied. Hence, Lord Kuwea is the aspect that brings forth the divine spirit and what it contains. This divine fire (spirit) needs to be manifested either as Heaven or as physicality. That is the mission of Lord Surea, the divine manifestor. By Lord Surea's efforts, all of Heaven is brought forth. From Heaven, physicality is forged and then cast out into the countless realities it now occupies. All of Heaven's many Life-streams, Councils, Orders and Administrations are accountable to Lord Surea. They originate in A-E-O-N, where the highest Orders of Heaven dwell and carry out the divine Will, according to the divine plan. The final aspect of the Creator, which represents divine consciousness - the Creator's divine essence - will remain unnamed. You will learn of it only upon your return to full consciousness. Consciousness, dear Hearts, is the major driving force behind all things and all events that exist in Creation. It is the energy that acts as Creation's ultimate potentializer. The essence of the Creator is consciousness. Consciousness is much more than mere awareness, or even the ability to discern outcomes and then make decisions. Consciousness is the way you connect to each other and to all the other aspects that are 'you'. Consciousness embodies an innate wisdom that springs, initially, from the essence that is the Creator. To understand the full extent of this divine essence, you need to be able to fully merge with it, without fear or any other form of limitation. You need to call its divine name and it will merge with you. Until you are ready for an experience of such divinity, you are best to not yet have full awareness of these things. Be satisfied with the fact that it exists, and that it is your destiny to experience it in a manner in which you are fully able to enjoy it. In Sirian, the Creator's name is 'Ja Ta' ('Ja' means joy and 'Ta' means Heaven), which signifies to us that the Creator is Heaven's greatest joy. Surrounding Lord Surea are the six major Seraphim: Lord Ananea, Lord Azuriel, Lord Betea, Lord Cephetas, Lord Ezekeal and Lord Immanuel. Together, they form 'the Divine Heart of Creation' or 'the Heart of Surea'. They also comprise the heart of the sacred 'Ummac Dan', the symbol that galactic humanity uses to represent the way physicality will eventually return to the Light. During every moment of every Creation, these six glorious Beings send forth the great Love that they receive from the Creator. Within that divine Love is the energy that will unfold Creation and hasten physicality toward its destiny. They have come from A-E-O-N, accompanied by the divine Seraphim who serve as their great messengers, to ensure that the divine plan for your reality is carried out according to Lord Surea's decree. So that this may happen, Mother Earth's local Spiritual Hierarchy has been reordered. As well, the Ascended Masters of both Sirius and this world have joined together. They will appear before you once first contact is formally proclaimed. First Contact is more than a meeting with your space family. Primarily, it is a reunion with your spiritual family. You, dear Ones, are destined to become physical Angels. As such, you represent the many Life-streams, Orders and Councils of Heaven. With your divine brethren, you will form a new and sacred Administration that will guide this sector of the galaxy and act as the driving force to connect physicality with Heaven. This administration has been carefully selected. Its great responsibilities will be granted all the assistance that you require to complete this most sacred mission. Therefore, we have established the conditions and provided the means that will allow you to complete your mission successfully. The Ascended Masters, who are fully aware of this, have pledged to manifest when first contact is formally announced. Your new governments will become a sacred trust, carrying out the divine decrees of Lord Surea. In addition, A-E-O-N has proclaimed that its innumerable councils have sent representatives to your world. They have come and soon, they will announce themselves to you. A new group of special counselors will guide you. These Beings are already among you. We ask you to view them with your inner Heart and allow them to come to you. Embrace them and know that they come as guides and to send you, gloriously, into the final stage of your metamorphosis. Soon, you will emerge as the magnificent physical Angels of whom we have spoken. Your reality will also have changed. In the twinkling of an eye, Mother Earth will have assumed her former, pristine appearance. In that new realm, you will bring peace to a troubled galaxy and, with your fellows, establish the pathway to your divine destiny. The Council of the Nine has arrived to guide you. They are led by Lord Aescapulus and manifest the sacred Blue Light of Creation in physicality. In this galaxy, that Light has chosen to shine its magnificence upon the Sirius star system. They have come to this world to offer you their Light and to show you how you are to be a part of this most glorious star system. Soon, you will move closer to Sirius and take your place in its multi-star system. You are destined to join with the great Lion Beings of Sirius A, and the human galactic societies who are found mainly on Sirius B and C. To prepare for this event, the Ascended Masters of Sirius have combined with those of this solar system. Together with the Council of the Nine and the many never-ending Councils of A-E-O-N, they have formed a sacred team that is assisting your efforts and preparing to appear before you, where required. The coming of Heaven en masse to your shores is being carried out in order to bring harmony and everlasting peace. It augurs a time when Heaven's minions will manifest openly and walk freely among you. Surprising but welcome miracles will occur, and extraordinary events will come to pass. The governments of Earth will unify, and freedom and personal sovereignty be universally proclaimed. The bonds of former times will break and be transformed into universal abundance and prosperity. This wondrous time is very close to unfolding. Heaven awaits, knowing that the epochs to come will lead you to undreamed-of glories. Be patient, yet remain firmly committed to the ways of the Light. Know deep within your heart that what we speak of is your future. And that future is approaching! Soon, dear Hearts, we will appear and all will be well! Today, we have discussed Heaven and our wishes for you. Know that your new world draws closer with every passing day. Know that the forces of the Light are victorious and that this stellar triumph is your incontrovertible destiny. We now take our leave. Blessings, dear Ones! Know deep in your hearts that Heaven's countless Abundance and endless Prosperity is yours! Amen. Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! Be in Joy!)

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