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By BARRACUDA (Reporter)
Tuesday, December 07, 2010 10:45

The length of the "flying saucers" - tens of kilometers. We(SETI) just have to tell: three very large object flying towards our planet. Landing, according to calculations of scientists, held in mid-December 2012. Date coincides with the end of the Mayan calendar.

Concerned about the management of SETI (the project on Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) issued a statement whose meaning is placed in the name of the sci-fi thriller "Alien invasion".

- A few very large objects rapidly approaching the Earth - says astrophysicist Craig Kasnov. - You can verify this!

He recommends to go to a map Space site and enter the coordinates of the giant UFO:
19 25 12 -89 46 03 - the first large object
16 19 35 -88 43 10 - a cylindrical object
02 26 39 -89 43 13 - the object as a circle
The project participants are assured that the facilities are absolutely real, and the American space agency NASA is trying to conceal important information.

Post scientists immediately divided the earthlings into two opposing camps. Some believe that these ships are flying save humanity from the terrible calamities that can happen on Earth in a short time, others are preparing to star wars.

- In any case, the only thing we can do now - wait for it - says Kasnov. - Soon celestial objects will be visible in a good telescope.