What Are These? NASA Says It Doesn't Know

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Look carefully at these glowing disks. They have a mist like aura around them, much how millions of eyewitnesses accounts describe them. They glow blue, much like eyewitness accounts in the past have described says Scott C. Waring, author of UFO Sightings Daily.

Date of discovery: October 2013
Location of discovery: Earths Orbit (NASA Archives)

Waring says, “But what you aren’t thinking about is that these two glowing UFOs are very close to the NASA module…watching the NASA mission and letting them know…not only are humans not alone in space, but it belongs to them!”

“Now another reason that will probably convince you this is real is the fact about how NASA has labeled the URL to these UFOs.

The word “UNIDENTIFIED,” is in the center of the URL address, which means NASA also called them UFOs or unidentified flying objects. Now if the photo came from NASA with the original link and NASA calls it unidentified, you should be completely convinced that these are alien craft,” says Waring.

“First off, NASA photos from long ago were mostly not edited, meaning they don’t lie like modern airbrushed photos do. Second the govt source of NASA labeling it as so has basically announced that UFOs are real and these are two of them!” declares Waring.

Also understand these are photos not meant for the public to see, but instead NASA gave a large part of its old archive to Arizona State University (ASU) for students to study and examine.

“Apparently NASA forgot to check all the photos, meaning some may have alien evidence much like this one,” says Waring.

Original High Resolution NASA Photo Here: