7,500 year old Toy car found - Sumerian


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Made out of stone and found in Kiziltepe district of Mardin province in eastern Turkey 2011. Also found dolls and whistles (that still worked)

http://projectavalon.net/forum4/attachment.php?attachmentid=13893Cairn excavations take place in Turkey’s historic southeastern province of Mardin’s Kiziltepe district unearthed world’s earliest car toy with a seven thousand five hundred years old history.

Archeologist Mesut Alp, indicating that the car toy as world’s oldest one claimed so far; “we found five to six thousand years dolls and whistles just with a surface search in addition,” explained.

“This is a very nice sample pertaining to social life of the era,” he added.


Car toy belongs to Sumerian era another Archeologist noted.