70,000 More Bangladeshi Workers Coming To Malaysia


March 8th, 2009 in Breaking News, Economic Crisis

70,000 More Bangladeshi Workers Coming To Malaysia | My Sinchew.

KUALA LUMPUR: More than 70,000 Bangladeshi workers are expected to arrive in Malaysia soon to take up employment in the plantation, construction and services sectors, the Labour Counsellor at the Bangladesh High Commission here, Talat Mahmud Khan, disclosed on Sunday.

Talat said that despite the economic downturn and rising retrenchment in Malaysia, Bangladeshi workers were still in demand as they were considered to be hardworking, efficient, obedient and trainable and did not demand a high salary.

Bangladeshi workers have been known to be able to handle multiple tasks, he added.

He explained that though there was a temporary freeze on the intake of foreign workers in the services sector, the visas for these Bangladeshi workers were approved before the imposition of the restriction.

With the coming arrival of more Bangladeshi workers, their number in the country would swell to almost 500,000, among them 2,000 women, he told Bernama.