8 Million Dog Owners To Be Tracked By Their Pet’s Compulsory Microchip


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Alan Travis
London Guardian
March 9, 2010

All dogs are to be compulsorily microchipped so that their owners can be more easily traced under a crackdown on dangerous dogs to be unveiled today.

The package will include extending the dangerous dogs law to cover attacks by dogs on private property to protect postmen, and making third-party insurance compulsory so that victims can be financially compensated.

The measures will be set out by the home secretary, Alan Johnson, who will point to rising public concern that “status dogs” are being used by some irresponsible owners to intimidate communities or as a weapon by gangs.

The RSPCA says the number of complaints about dog fights has risen 12-fold between 2004 and 2008. In London alone, police seized 900 dangerous dogs in the last year.

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New member
The only thing that surprises me about this, is that they didn't implement this sooner. Always trying to control us more an more. Now they're going through our pets. I guess they couldn't get enough people to go along with getting they're kids implanted with these chips, so they had to resort to making it mandatory for our dogs. I'm not generally a hateful person, but I really wish these Illuminati leaders of ours would be eliminated. The only problem is, as soon as you think you have the one you want gone, one more steps in his place. We've got to get to the root of the evil and stop it at the source.

Lady of Light

With animals, the controllers of this world, our 'governments' if you will, do not need consent to chip them. With humans, everything is consentual. They require our permission for EVERYTHING. Just look at the court system for example, everything must be "on consent". If it's not, they must throw it out. Accept of course if the Magna Carta has been broken. That makes a difference. So, there's no way they can chip all humans. They use tactics to trick us into believing that it is best for us, but we just have to stay strong and hold our ground and say "NO".

Pets are like people and don't deserve to have that treatment instilled upon them. It's wrong and I don't agree with it.

I also don't agree with your statement of "eliminated", unless of course you mean stripped of power, because killing is wrong, no matter who it is. Killing of any kind creates low frequency vibrations which do not allow us to become enlightened. It doesn't matter if they 'deserve' it. It's still wrong.


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ya well, i think they'll still try to do it any way they can. i don't care, i'm not getting one of those things for My dog. I don't care what happens. I'll be damned if they get a tracking device into my home.