"A Stolen Life" - A Book Regarding Profound Vaccine Injury and One Mother's Fight



Last night when the forum went offline, I was Googling some old terms hoping to find references to my dead website, nuclearnuttery, which was taken offline due to a phony copyright claim by Abovetopsecret.

Google Images distracted me and among my own old image collection, I saw many similar and even unfamiliar images from other sites. One of them was a human brain exhibiting a negative vaccine reaction.

Long story short, I Googled (in images) "vaccine brain damage" and about halfway down the page I saw a book cover, with the words "A STOLEN LIFE" on the front. There was a young man, clearly disabled, being embraced by his elderly father.

I looked up the book and found that it was written by Marge Grant, a woman whose son was horrifically damaged by a DTaP vaccine in the 1960s.

The strangest thing about this whole story is that I'd never heard of her before.
I mean, this woman ended up serving in Washington DC as a vaccine safety advisor and scientist... but do we get to hear about what she thought?

...No, we don't, because the media is bought out and shackled by corporate fronts like the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation. People who want to silence you, take away your rights, even your right to exist "somewhere, someplace".

I don't understand that and could never hope to understand, why the elite would rob the harmless and innocent common folk of the right to peaceably live their lives and reproduce without being punished for it.

Our own president made a verbal faux pas about unwanted pregnancy once --he said he wouldn't want his own daughters to be "punished by having a baby" if they became unintentionally pregnant.

I understand not wanting to be pregnant, but I don't understand the elite assuming that they can make the decision regarding who is wanted and unwanted in our society. I thought society implied that each of us had a voice and a choice... not just them.

Anyhow, those of you who oppose vaccines because your own family (or selves) have been harmed, should read Marge Grant's story about her disabled son.

As some people know, gifted and talented children in particular have the worst vaccine reactions and suffer the widest range of symptoms once the damage is done. In fact gifted children have more asthma and more allergies, suggesting that something in our environment is irritating their immune systems.

When I go see my little boy, there are other kids in the group home. Some of them will never use their legs, and some of them will never speak a word.

I wonder how many of them had vaccines forced on them before they were even old enough to say that first word and take that first step.

No wonder the book is called "A Stolen Life", because it happens to babies and children, not to adults -- at least not often enough for anyone to care.
This has to stop!


A Stolen Life by Marge Grant