God is the only theroritical conclusion to our existence.


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Before I start, let me preempt my argument by making this statement: ultimately a man's actions, not his intellectual beliefs, speak to his goodness/virtue.

Theory's are created and ultimately only proven or disproved by facts; it is therefore only reasonable and wise to base our theories on factual grounds that can be proven, as opposed to something that one cannot prove. A theory based upon a theory that has no factual bases upon its belief is absolutely a ludicrous proposition and one that is foolish to embrace.

Having stated the above, there is only 1 fact that a man can know with absolute certainly: a man cannot deny his own existence; while what a man sees cannot be proven as existing outside of his own consciousness, he cannot logically deny that he actually exists as the conscious being he is.

That being stated, the only fact one can have and thus use to theorize as to creation of one's own existence/consciousness is consciousness itself and so therefore God, or that is to say an eternal conscious being, is actually the only REASONABLE explanation one is left with. Now I know many egos will desire to argue, not from reasonable grounds but rather from their emotional pain, because of all the stupidity done by theist to scar them emotionally, but that will not change the facts.

As I stated in my opening arguments: it is a man's actions, not his beliefs, that judge him as good or bad.

Be blessed.
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