[Shocking Truth:] Advertising tricks work because of willful ignorance!

Truth Vibrations

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They use much more advanced then this, but this gives you an idea of how we are being manipulated constantly! They only way to stop this is to learn 'The Magician' tricks. Once you know it doesn't work anymore! Great post Denise!

Boiling Frog

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She presents this information smiling the whole time as if its a good thing. She drops the act right at the end and her true feelings on the subject are seen. Exactly the way these product are in our lives. The promise to be great on the label, but most of them fall short of the promise. Yet we all keep falling for same the act of bright colors, fancy text and carefully chosen words.

Wake up people they are lie to us!

Grow your own food, avoid any prepackaged food that you can. You will be heather and you can ignore the marketing tricks!


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That was incredibly powerful. I'm sharing that on my Facebook. I don't expect many folks to care enough to watch, but I'm sharing it just the same. I personally prefer to go to the farmer's market and buy small farm/local. I'm terrible at growing my own food. I think I got 2 tomatoes this year from the garden.


This is a very powerful message, but will the Facebook users choice to open their minds? or just watch another cat video? Sharing is still own best choice!