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I believe most of you are aware of that site by now. It contains several video-interviews and they are all very good and well produced.
The site has a subscription system now, but you can still watch any video you want using a "One Day Free Pass".
The ones I'm linking here are from March/April 2007, but they are surprisingly up to date.
I've seen Alfred Webre before, but these two interviews are interesting and well conducted and it is really amazing his level of knowledge and how clear he explains his points. (The total running time is around 2 hours.)
If you like the interviews please spread the word and talk about it w/ your friends because the site really needs more visitors. (I'm not affiliated to CMN in any way. Instead I've been only a great fan of their work for a couple of years now and I just want to give my little help to keep the site alive).
I hope all you enjoy it. :)
A must watch.

Part 1 - Alfred Webre on Exopolitics

Part 2 - Alfred Webre on Choosing Utopia



Other available interviews: