Looking for a room for chatting


New member
Hi, I am new to this side.
I want to know if there is any chatroom for us to join? I like to chat and know new people.
It takes time to read many posts in the forum so it is kind of like still lost in my track understanding this place.
Sometime, a good chat is easier to know each other like in instant.
It is kind of tiring to open website link over and over when one have many online places to hand with. Many people just stick to a few site that are comfortable to.
I use discord because it is easier to manage multiple places and peoples from different area. It is like trying to make friend with many places but manage in one specific place.
I use facebook too, but it is a bit hard to manage group chat because there is no way to share a chat unless you befriend and add your friend later.

ANyway, into.
I do meditation and spiritual works everyday and looking for some fresh info. I like to read people's experience and story, especially when one come with very unique experience and only a few that can understand it. If you understand what I am saying.
In my place in Malaysia, there is alomost no place for me to share. The only way I can reach about this is through online. (tq internet)

That's all I want to say here.

Thank you.