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Earth–New Perspective via ETs/EDs

JULY 5, 2014

Earth, based on what's been said by the Ground Contingents of the ETs/EDs (Extraterrestrials/ Extradimensionals), isn't a single reality. To the contrary, it exists over time vast beyond the imagining of terrestrial scientists; has previously been in much higher dimensional realms most can't begin to imagine, still less accept. Earth most assuredly isn't in her right place, but getting that sorted out requires understanding not merely the fundamentals of how Creation really works, but of understanding Earth's unique place in the overall, ultra macro situation. What comes directly from Ground Contingents is in Quotations. What I wrote is in regular format.

"The subject of Earth is a huge matter in the way of Creation unfolding its true potential. Our solar system is unique, as all the planets are predictably stable, and timing is the essence of our reality. It is not so in other realities; planets do not, necessarily, have steady orbits, and sometimes planets crash into each other. Yes, these huge starships are also used to prevent this colliding, but it has not always been so."

I believe Ground Contingents are overstating matters a bit here. Why? There have been orbital instabilities in our solar system, some destroying kingdoms and empires as a result. Pioneering catastrophist and multidisciplinary scholar Immanuel Velikovsky found the evidence in humanity's traumatized psyche (repressed memories, but expressed through myths and legends from around the world); from archaeology, paleography, geology; from astronomical observations and space probes. He presented his then-heretical views in the seminal and bestselling Worlds in Collision.

"To get along, and have "all the world at peace," requires a tremendous amount of resetting of the humans on Earth. This is definitely on the agenda, because Earth is uniquely constructed, a major key in evolution—but the Dark Side feeds here, and to get food away from a Vampire is not so easy. Thousands of Vampire worlds need to be upgraded or removed, as Earth is enslaved to their lust of fear–a juicy delight to their banquet tables."

This is Grade One, British-style understatement, exemplified by Admiral Beatty's famous quip cum biting observation after losing two battlecruisers in minutes at the Battle of Jutland in World War I. My understanding is that this planet is a kind of Vampire cafeteria, always open and continually stocked with plenty of soulless quasi humans, called synthetics (real humans amount to only 20% of the perceived populace). Their purpose is to live in more or less constant fear. Thus, they produce the delicious nectar of Fear in the process, whether or not they happen to die during that particular experience. The psychopaths, who are themselves Vampires of a sort, continually foment strife and division; subject us to global trauma through assassinating leaders such people as Mahatma Gandhi, President John F. Kennedy, Dr. Martin Luther King and Princess Diana, to name but a few. Without their support, direct and indirect, organized crime would collapse, terrorism would wither and gangs disintegrate. Forget bombings. The real terrorism on this planet is what our leaders and presumed betters do to us. Day in and day out.

They engineer famines and war; cycles of boom and bust. All to their aggrandizement in this reality and the extraordinary nurturance of the Vampires. How this is done on Earth as we understand reality is chillingly explained here in Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars, a must read if you wish to know what's really going on and why. But remember always: What happens here is but the outworking of actions taken through vast periods of time and still continuing; a very real externalization of the Hermetic Principle, "As above, so below."

And while the synthetics are specifically designed to generate maximum Fear, the sad reality is that the real humans, depending on where they live, resource availability, culture and more, are ongoingly subjected to all sorts of stressors designed not merely to elicit the Fear that feeds the Vampires, but progressively grinds them down and destroys the real people.

"Stand back, notice what is forever being promoted by the media and entertainment cartels. Count how many times the news and movies are fear-based. That is all the evidence you need to know that, we roil in fear to feed our captors. Disconnect, if you can, or get some distance between it and you."

Long ago, I met a remarkable man who'd done exactly that. He said that for a year he read no newspapers, listened to no radio and didn't watch TV. He said it revolutionized his life. What I saw was a man positively bursting with energy and optimism. A man who was so charged up he essentially glowed from within. It was akin to the way a pregnant woman looks, yet profoundly different.

"Add this fear-feeding situation to the vast protocols discovered of late about evolution, and the Liberation Forces are always on the verge of overwhelm. Between their own efforts to upgrade and expand, and the need to confront a diabolically almost dead enemy, and you don't have to wonder why Earth doesn't change to much of late."

Now do you understand why, for quite some time, I've said vanishingly little about the ETs/EDs of the Liberation Forces and the CBs (Creator Beings) working with them? When overall survival is at stake, updating the relative handful of direct and indirect JKI readers must, of absolute necessity, yield, however annoying to those who crave such reporting. Also, I'm under very real operational restrictions concerning what I can say, how much I can say, and when. Think of it as a kind of N-dimensional tightrope walk!

"Starships, well equipped to even take out worlds, are a necessary component. Be eaten or kill the enemy. The Liberation Forces take no prisoners. Those captured either agree to evolve, or they are killed on the spot. The evolution protocols for those captured and who agree to take a step forward are beyond anything on Earth. The objective, though, is to turn them into functional assets to the community—and it works more than 90% of the time, but it takes many years of retraining, and upgrading."

The battle cry of the Universities of Evolution is "Evolve or die!" As you can see from the above, this isn't some abstraction.

"A huge, continuing effort to upgrade whole civilizations is a constant challenge. Unknown to people on Earth, upgrading genetics is done through a "shot in the arm," literally. The upgrade must come first before any education can take place, because the shriveled state of the mind of evil does not allow long-range consequences. Destroyers they are, and some are unable to even get upgrades because of the deterioration of the genetics."

Resource and personnel constraints are every bit as real in the other realms as they are here. And what's being described is being done during not a war but war after war; in the face of resistance beyond fanatical at times, and while dealing with endless booby traps of the most harrowing ingenuity. Please understand that I'm not talking about a trip wire attached to a hand grenade. No! A booby trap might be something which simply loops back to its prior state when attacked (chemtrails, for example), but conceivably extending to something which could lay waste to an entire planet. Or more.

This is simply how things are. I believe it's better to be informed than to simply be at effect and clueless. Some readers may well abreact, but I fully expect far more to expand and become more aware because of reading this. Recognize, too, I'm not throwing my longtime readers headlong into some vat of overwhelming information. Rather, what I reveal here is only presentable because I first laid the groundwork in posts, in comments and in the vibes released in the doing.

"There is always a watchful eye on Earth, with many of our allies spinning new ideas to get us free. The complications here are frightening, and there is no need to share the more complex reality because it would only generate more fear. Just know there are layers and layers of "feeding" going on, and there is not one solution."

If there's one thing I've learned over the years I've been involved with Ground Contingents and the Liberation Forces is that nothing is easy here when it comes to generating positive change. The Dark Forces have been here for eons, are dug in to incomprehensible levels. Earth is theirs, or so they believe, and they are most adamant about not surrendering it.

"Many efforts have been tried; some have been somewhat successful. All of Earth is controlled off world; therein lines one of the biggest coverups."

The deterioration of the human species on Earth is serious, and our air supply is even threatened. Oxygen levels continue to decline. On the other side of the balance, the long-expected genetic shift toward 12-strand DNA is now showing up in the form of children with triple strand DNA, children possessed of capabilities absolutely terrifying to those in control. Such developments are precisely why there has been such a concerted drive to dumb us down, block brain development and functioning via fluoridation, slowly poison us through a host of means and reduce our numbers by fair means or foul. Note particularly in the link that the article talks explicitly not merely about the conventional toxic effects of fluoride, but especially that it blocks our natural ability, inherent in the pineal gland (our Third Eye), to connect with other dimensions and realities!

Those who hate and fear humankind are well aware that a tipping point of consciousness is imminent; that the tide of history is not only running against them, but coming in faster than expected. Despite prolonged, intense malefic efforts, the Dark Forces are facing an ever more aware and resisting planetary populace. People are waking up, and that includes many who formerly thought we were conspiracy nuts.

"Chemtrails, though, have been worked on. At least in some areas, they are shorter and thinner. The ET/ED word is the original vast matrix from where this diabolical evil resides has been thinned out, and almost neutralized. The reason we still have chemtrails is they are on a timer, and for some reason, whatever power put them into place is still not budging."

I know many readers don't understand why it's so difficult to fix things here. In part, this is because matters in this realm are so vastly complicated and dangerous to mess with that simply stupendous efforts keep having to be made to not only figure what the latest derailments are and why, but to educate the ETs/EDs and CBs concerning them. Only then can a solution be sought with any hope of succeeding. The general pattern seems to be that a solution is developed by the Liberation Forces. It performs very well–everywhere but here. Here, it either barely does anything, doesn't work or outright backfires.

"And if Vampires are not enough of a problem, we further have an exceedingly big problem with gold—another commodity hoarded by those of a darker nature. All starships, though, need our gold. This other-dimensional gold issue adds to the political quagmire on Earth."

Somehow, that got left out of the incessant "Sell your gold now!" TV commercials.

Again, we encounter wholly unexpected angles; are exposed to hidden history and conspiracy, which provide whole new subtexts and insights into what we unwittingly believe are purely terrestrial matters. Yet, if we believe Zechariah Sitchin, we humans are the result of cross breeding the hominin Homo Erectus with ETs/EDs called Annunaki here from Nibiru to obtain gold. Supposedly, we are a bioengineered species specifically created to be slave labor in the gold mines!

The real humans here are by no means unique in having some of the woes detailed, but this isn't the time or place to get into the plight of our fellows situated elsewhere in the cosmos.

Earth--New Perspective via ETs/EDs - John Kettler Investigates