Alleged Time Traveler or Photo shop?


This is a 1940s photo going around the internet of a supposed man out of time. The man in question is the person middle right with plastic sun glasses and what looks like a t-shirt and a hoodie. The picture is obviously form a time when plastic sun glasses were not being manufactured. So how did this man get here? Is he a time traveller? Or is this just photo shopped?

What do you think? Real of fake?

Original image is here:

More information can be found here:
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Boiling Frog

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He does kinda stick out like a sore thumb! the 'M' on his shirt could have been easily cut out and sown on at the time, the sun glasses seem really out of place? It look like he has a camera in his hand.

I would love to see a high resolution version of this image. It might show more details that can not be seen in low res.