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Greetings from Alpha Spaceship!

Dear Brothers and Sisters, it pleases us greatly to tell you about the unstoppable achievements we are attaining, which are preventing more and more, those who conspire anonymously to continue with the materialistic and selfish leadership in their world of power, which they had maintained over the population of Earth until now.

We are sparing nothing on our part, in an effort and with incessant endeavors so that all the forces of good, honesty and Light may triumph over them, and they may be dethroned forever from the government and the distribution of the riches that Gaia shares with all Her children equally and with profound generosity.

It is evident to them, the Dark Ones, although they have not wished to do this, to follow the example of their Mother who wishes to see all happy, joyful and without having to suffer scarcities or hardships of any kind.

Those who still hold on to the occult power of the destiny of all humanity and who, until now, have reigned with total impunity, have no qualms or regrets for the consequences of their acts on the totality of the human genre.

And the impact their nefarious decisions have caused to the Nature of this beautiful planet, are finally aware that the Forces of Light, formed by a resounding and effective coalition amongst yourselves, the Light workers, and our contingents from other worlds, are achieving their displacement from their offices and occult bunkers.

In order to establish a New World [Planetary] government headed by leaders with a good heart, and whose altruistic intention fully guides them to improve the conditions of all inhabitants of Gaia, without distinction of race, language, costumes or ideologies.

The appearance of the Internet and the modern social nets (which, of course, were ideas inspired by us in the minds of your scientists and technicians in order to promote a global awakening of the entire world population).

This has fulfilled the objective well planned by the consciousness of all their brothers and sisters who have come to help all of you in these times of transition and elevation of the entire human race.

Thanks to the communication amongst yourselves, it was possible to open the eyes of even the most humble and simplest minds of the inhabitants of Gaia without censured or tampered information, nor intervention by information sources that are being covertly manipulated by the big corporations like the oil companies or the big financial entities.

Instead of helping small businesses so that they can open a path in life for themselves, corporations and oil companies do the opposite, supplying more funds to the banking entities that are precisely the ones suffocating the citizens with abusive interests and denying their clients commercial and mortgage loans that they need in order to stay afloat and survive in this tri-dimensional world.

Believe me when I tell you that we will not permit this abuse of power over the masses, and we will not tolerate it any more, doing everything in our power to prevent them from continuing to manipulate all of you, our brothers and sisters who are part of the same Cosmic Entity, and we are going to radically change the composition and the chaotic, corrupt and decrepit functioning of your social and economic system, for a more honest, more translucent and ethical distribution of wealth.

Now we have just entered into the year 2012 of your history, counting by the calendar that is used by most of you (except for some Asian countries, which have their own calculation of time), and is a year, as you all know already, of great transcendence and a series of changes to human life, as it had been developing until now.

It is a year of profound change that you all can witness, that will take place without the interference of selfish interests by large corporations or governments with corrupt politicians and ignobles, until victory is achieved at the end of the year for all who yearn for the disappearance of social injustices and the triumph of equality, justice and international cooperation between all those who constitute the human race on Planet Earth, of Gaia.

And it will be an improvement of the conditions for all the inhabitants of your beautiful blue planet–large and small–because only raising the awareness and the intellect of man, which is the predominant race here, will it also be possible to ostensibly improve the conditions in how you interact with animals, more or less evolved – the plants, forests, mountains, seas and the oceans.

In this manner it will accomplish the plans of the Creator expressed in this plane of physical manifestation, and Gaia, as Planetary Logos, in Her totality, as She raises herself to a higher plane of consciousness where evil, corruption and darkness form only part of the past, and gives way to an unprecedented push to the New Earth, which is eager to emerge, like a baby born from the womb of its mother.

The time has come. And we are happy and excited to be able to tell our brothers and sisters inside of the quasi-infinite spiral of evolution in all the created Universe.

Be happy, because your long-awaited moment has finally arrived!

In profound Peace and Love with you all.

Source: Commander Sohin

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