Ancient Egyptian Statue Has Begun Moving On Its Own

Boiling Frog

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Seems to move only when the sun is on it.

Curators at the Manchester Museum say that they’ve had this particular relic, a piece of history dating back to 1800 BC, on display for 80 years, but it wasn’t until several weeks ago when they began to notice its mysterious movements.

The statue is usually buried with its mummy and in Ancient Egyptian belief, if the mummy is destroyed then the spirit can takeup residence in the statue that accompanied it. Is that the case here? The video below is a time lapse of the statue moving! It seems to turn a full 180 degrees from where it began. Skeptics say that it must be cause by heavy trucks or something natural making vibrations to make the statue move but the museum curator points out that none of the other statue’s and relics are moving and this has only began with the one statue weeks ago and has been in the museum for 85 years.

Ancient Egyptian statue has started MOVING sparking fears it has been struck by a 'curse of the Pharaohs' | Mail Online