1. Truth Vibrations

    Remains of 'end of the world' epidemic found in ancient Egypt

    I guess believing that the end of the world is coming is not that uncommon! lol Source:
  2. R

    Egypt joins Israel’s Grand Design

    In 1968, John Mitchell Henshaw, wrote in The American Mercury: “The grand design of Judaic-Zionist expansionist doctrine is to seize all the oil-rich lands from the shores of the Euphrates to the banks of the Nile.” “According to the Zionists’ schedule of operations, within a decade Israeli...
  3. R

    Israel urges US and EU to back military crackdown in Egypt

    “Israel is not only unneccesary and self-made liability for the United States, it is an untreated and spreading cancer on our domestic politics, foreign policy and national security,” professor Michael F. Scheuer (Georgetown University), former CIA analyst, ex-senior Fellow at Jewish Jamestown...
  4. R

    Turkey-Saudi rift over ME Sunni leadership

    Since the military coup in Egypt last month, the US-Israel created Humpty-Dumpty Sunni block (Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE, Bahrain, Jordan and Egypt) against Iran is begining to show cracks. It has created a major rift between Ankara, which still supports the deposed Egyptian president...
  5. R

    US: No military coup in Egypt!

    On July 24, William J. Burns (Zionist Jew), Under Secretary under John Kerry, during a meeting with a group of Israel-First lawmakers, told them that Obama administration would not declare the removal of Egyptian president Dr. Mohamed Morsi by military junta, a military coup. The chairman of...
  6. New UFO Hunter

    Steven Strong - ancient egyptian UFOs in Australia

    Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics tell a story of ancient spacecrafts in Australian rock:
  7. R

    ElBaradei: US-Israel man in Egypt

    The Zionist-controlled mainstream media has reported that Dr. Mohamed ElBaradei, 70, is the top choice of the Egyptian military junta to head a transitional government in Cairo. ElBardei, was one of executives of the pro-Israel advocacy group, International Crisis Group (ICG), mainly funded by...
  8. R

    Egypt: Pro-Israel military dictatorship returns

    Yesterday, military generals loyal to former Egyptian military dictator Hosni Mubarak sacked the democratically elected president Dr. Mohamed Morsi. Today, Mubarak’s appointee and the current Supreme Constitutional Court (SCC) president Adly Mansour is sworn-in as interim president of Egypt...
  9. Boiling Frog

    Ancient Egyptian Statue Has Begun Moving On Its Own

    Seems to move only when the sun is on it. Ancient Egyptian statue has started MOVING sparking fears it has been struck by a 'curse of the Pharaohs' | Mail Online
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    Israel blasts Google for putting Palestine on Map

    World-wide Zionist Jewish social network, Google has angered the Zionist regime by showing Palestinian Territories (Gaza, West Bank and East Jerusalem), as PALESTINE. These areas were occupied by Jewish army in 1967. The change was introduced on May 1, indicating that the network recognizes an...
  11. R

    Erdogan’s anti-beer remark upsets Islamophobes

    Last week, Zionist prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Zionist-controlled mass media praised Turkish prime minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan for agreeing to “forget and forgive” the Zionist entity for murdering nine Turk aid workers on Mavi Marmara bound for Gaza Strip at international waters –...
  12. R

    Israel attacks Syria to suck US in war

    Both the US and Israeli media have confirmed that Israeli airforce conducted its second unprovoked air raid on Damascus during last 24 hours. CNN, CBS, NBC, NYT, CBC and Israeli Hebrew daily Yedioth Ahronot – all reported the news with different angles. According to Syrian and Lebanese sources...
  13. R

    Jewish Lobby: ‘Thou shalt not honor Israel’s critics’

    Obama administration, under pressure from pro-Israel Jewish lobby groups, has revoked the Martin Ennals Award for Human Rights Defenders, it planned to give to Egyptian human rights activist Mona Seif. She was nominated for fighting against “virginity test” on femate protesters by Egyptian...
  14. Truth Vibrations

    The pyramid code Movie

    An alternative narrative regarding ancient Egypt and human inception. Published on 13 Apr 2012 More videos: Buy the DVD " The pyramid code" at The Pyramid Code is a documentary that explores the pyramid fields and ancient temples in...
  15. R

    Jews glorify Thatcher for her support for Israel

    “Thatcher said once that she thought she probably had more constituents in Tel Aviv than in Finchley”. The British and western leaders and media has turned former British prime minister Margaret Thatcher (1979 to 1990) into a world heroe for her blind support for the Zionist entity and British...
  16. R

    [Must Watch!] Conspiracy Files 2013 HAARP Around the World Mind Weather Control secrets documentary Illuminati

    Conspiracy Files 2013 HAARP Around the World Mind Weather Control secrets documentary Illuminati Published on 3 Mar 2013 Conspiracy Files 2013 secrets documentary Illuminati HAARP Around the World Secret society Extraterrestrial Life HAARP heating earth's atmosphere tornado Manipulation...
  17. R

    Obama’s “secret mission” to Israel

    Welcome to another post full of Jewish bigotry against Muslims. On March 15, Douglas Bloomfield, in The Jewish Week claimed that the real reason for Barack Obama’s visit to Israel was being overshadowed by the media which is putting to much emphasize on Obama-Netanyahu negotiation about Iranian...
  18. R

    The ‘Iron Dome’ and Israeli lies behind it

    During the 8-day Israeli aerial attack over Gaza Strip last November, the Zionist regime had claimed that its anti-missile Iron Dome was able to intercept 90% of the so-called “deadly rockets” fired by Iran-supported Palestinian resistance groups Hamas and Islamic Jihad. The Israeli claim was...
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    Uniting Muslim nations through gas pipeline

    Tehran’s gas pipeline diplomacy to free Muslim nation-states from western economic strangulation has finally start paying off. Islamic Republic has long planned to bring its Muslim neighbors, Pakistan, Iraq, Egypt, Turkey, Jorda, Lebanon and Syria together through a network of gas pipelines –...
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    Ehud Barak: “Israel cannot rely on its allies”

    The Zionist entity’s outgoing defense minister, Gen. Ehud Barak 70, has painted a very dark picture of Israel’s close allies (the US, Germany, Britain, Germany, France, Canada and Australia). In his farewell speech to the Knesset foreign and defense committee on March 11. He said that Israel...