Andrey Sklyarov - Ancient Advanced Technology

Until humans find out, that humans who knew not of talking. But of telepathy, will never know, or understand, the day and who, and what taught man, how to write and use ones tongues to communicate.

Great test secret ever told.
30% of all cuts in the history of you humans history ,when it comes to such videos like this, were created in a time in which humans around the world had no knowledge of talking writing or drawing, because it was not taught to man at this particular time.

2 different worlds from east to west were taught two different ways to cut.

1. The grey race, the race that you call reptilians is not reptilian at all, they are a highly advanced dolphin race that evolved at a time, when the whale and the dolphins had feet and walked on land.

These dolphins’ race foot prints are shown on every artifact, and every building in the history that used the perfect cut tactics and drilling that was taught to theses groups of builders. They taught them how to use there telekinesis skills to produce the spin that was needed to build half the structures in history.

This particular race after galaxy war 1 happened were over powered in in New Mexico, in which they moved to east in which the Chinese were taught a lot as well, before settling down in India, in which they have been since.

The triangle race of aliens taught a lot in the middle east, you can easily tell who they taught and influenced, because every where they went in the history ,a pyramid was built.


This video is about a race of humans…a race of humans that couldn’t talk out of mouth, and couldn’t write or draw by hand. It was a race that had perfected the ability of telepathy, telekinesis, and learned to turn a self ability, to a mass ability, by using mass telekinesis to lift, and mass telepathy for the blue print.

This video also shows the date in which telepathy stopped, telekinesis stopped, and humans became mortal.

A lot of these videos are not just about the date of cutting and blah blah blah yady yahhh..

These videos show the exact time, the exact time frame, and the exact date in which man became mortal; this is the greatest mystery that will never be solved in this time.