Angola floods displaces 25,000 people


March 13th, 2009 in Breaking News, Displaced Civilians

Angola floods displaces 25,000 people

BBC NEWS | Africa | Angola floods displace thousands.

About 25,000 people have lost their homes in southern Angolain flooding caused by three weeks of non-stop heavy rain, the Red Cross says.

It estimates about 125,000 people have been affected across Cunene province by the floods, which are now threatening to spread south into Namibia.

The BBC’s Louise Redvers says more rain fell in December than during the five months of the previous rainy season.

Our reporter says more heavy downpours are forecast in the coming days.

Homes and livestock have been swept away and many people have been cut off as flood water covers roads and fields.

The region is inundated every year during the December to April rainy season but the Red Cross says the situation is “drastic” this year.

Amid fears of cholera and malaria epidemics, the agency has been distributing mosquito nets, water purification tablets and rehydration sachets.

The World Health Organization has delivered five tonnes of health care kits and supplies of drinking water.