Animal Rights Group Says Sheryl Crow's Commitment to Horses is Bull


Proclaimed animal lover Sheryl Crow was attacked by a shark -- or, more accurately, an animal rights group called SHARK (Showing Animals Respect and Kindness) -- after performing at a rodeo with Kid Rock.

The activists claimed Crow was a hypocrite for donating part of her earnings from her concert performance to wild horses. "How can an organization dedicated to helping wild horses take blood money that was based, in part, on abusing wild horses?" asked a SHARK spokesman.

Supporters of Crow claim her adoption of a wild horse and the time and money she spends to help keep wild horse on public lands proves her commitment to the equines is real. They point out the horses used in the rodeo are not the same ones the government snatches from the range.

Crow is not the first celebrity to get gored by an animal rights group. Here are some other stars who have been sent to the dog house:

PETA Protests "Zookeeper" Movie

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) claims the newly released "Zookeeper" with Kevin James involved animal cruelty. The group has complained that a giraffe died during the filming and an elephant used in the movie belongs to a company PETA claims has a history of abusing animals.