[Update!] spirit animal or bad omen?


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I had a dream last night that I was a wolf, at first I was in an abandoned building full of old work benches and tools, I assumed I was in an abandoned warehouse. I kept trying to leave, and escape, at first I thought I was alone but I wasn't. There was a woman there and she was trying to fight me. The whole time I was avoiding her trying to get away, until I realized I could not get out of the warehouse. So I attacked her, and the next thing I know I am in a winter wasteland with my dog and some of my family. Not all of them just me and my two little sisters, there were wolves hiding in the bushes everywhere. For some reason we were searching for them all, trying to kill and fight them all. well actually the only person fighting the wolves was me. I was human and as they would approach I could feel myself transforming into a wolf. I would attack them, sometimes killing them, after each attack whether they had been defeated completely or maimed, they would turn into foxes... I have no idea what this dream means. if anyone could give me a little bit of insight it would be much appreciated. thank you!
It sounds to me like you are seeing from both sides of things. First, you were the wolf, then, the human. You experience from both sides, from all aspects and points of view. Yet, you still fight yourself. It is a war within, in a sense.
so its kind of like that old native American tale, there are two wolves inside every one of us fighting back and forth, and which ever one you feed wins. What if I don't want to feed either wolf? what if I want to be neutral in my own mind, make them join together, two is better then one...