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Who said the Annunaki were negative?

Maybe the comics have it right and the 'records' have it wrong!

An excerpt from the imagination of Marvel Comics.

The Silver Surfer

I guess the properties of Silver may light up your Soul. But don't tell anyone that they might become charged up and have a wonderful life. Silver Spooners have it made- wear Silveryou don't have to drink it!... lol :lol3::mfr_lol::mfr_lol::mfr_lol:

".... Marduk Redux

More recently, fearing a prophesied apocalypse, the Surfer worked with the alien Annunaki race to gather and protect some of Earth's most extraordinarily gifted children. In the end, one of those children, Ellie Waters, saved Earth from the godlike Marduk entity, preventing the apocalypse and reordering reality as if the Marduk crisis had never happened; though Ellie apparently retains her memories of these events. The Surfer has resumed his interstellar wanderings, but remains ready to aid his adopted homeworld should Earth ever need him...."

The planet really is backwards, opposite, and reverse- 3rd dimension, US/WE; the mediators called 4th dimension (after being unbrainwashed) in order to harmonize the polarities to move about into the other dimensions.... inside-out. :thumb_yello:

22grams of Soul powder.... your Christ Consciousness!:roll1:

No different than storing data on a computer crystal chip.