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"Just think about how pervasive the control plan is and some of the freakier phenomena we're witnessing. I don't subscribe to all of us being hopelessly co-opted, but if we don't realize the extent and nature of this massively powerful matrix projection we're living in we'll never be able to fully dispel it.

There are some very huge dots that perhaps many are not connecting. Just don't let it freak you out when the picture comes into focus, The real you, your eternal consciousness, your true soul, is not subject to all this mumbo jumbo we're being hit with. That's why hiding the knowledge of your innate eternal unstoppable true inter-dimensional freedom is the biggest cover-up of all.

The fact is, whoever's making this mess of humanity and our planet, we clearly don't need them. They need to be exposed by the light of Truth and done away with. But to do that we need to realize what we're up against.

Artifact make you think?

This Is Not that Far Fetched

Philosophers and spiritual luminaries have said through the ages that life is opposing forces just playing against each other. So why can't that include extra-terrestrials who would rather remain unknown? This doesn't preclude vast human participation at every level. But why wouldn't it include other worlds and dimensions the existence of which are now becoming known scientific fact to today's world.

Too bad we didn't just take the ancients' word for it. I mean they left us pictures for crying out loud.

The question is how much we are willing or unwilling participants in possibly someone or something else's scheme.

If the implied presence of alien controllers is true, apparently "they" need us to carry out most of their plan. Again, whoever "they" are, be it angels and demons, ETs or power mad occult driven psychopathic bloodlines.

The point is, it could be all of those!

Notice anything slightly reptilian about this? Draconian comes to mind. Hmmm

Who, Dammit?

-Who empowers and directs the Zionists?

-Who drives the City of London who in turn pulls the Zionists' and others' strings?

-Who keeps the Vatican toeing the line and the Jesuits doing their dirty work?

-Who makes sure everything American is occult science and wickedly militaristic?

-Who coordinates these think tanks and nasty intelligence agencies?

-And why is everybody a goddamn Templar, Knight of Crappo, Satanist, Freemason, Skull and Bones or member of some such idiotic cult?

Getting the picture?

It's deep ****. And we're in it.

But not for long.

Spiritual Deduction

We can all clearly agree we have overlords who are playing humanity for fools and tools. Whomever they are.

Let's just agree it's not a coincidence or accidental convergence of evil.

As other indicators say, we're clearly being groomed and broomed, and harassed and harvested like sheeple. Oh, the farmer loves his cattle and tries to keep them happy and producing. But he still milks and kills them for profit and food.

We just have to first see it for what it is. We need to wake up and not take all this lying down and find our role in all this. That's our job, our purpose, our destiny if you will. We might be playing into the great Universe's Hands of opposites in some esoteric way, but hell, let's play!

But let's stay detached and loving and play according to real conscious rules, not those of some parasitic, invading predators!

Transhumanism - The Off-World Agenda in a Nutshell

This typifies the takeover agenda this all is alluding to. Eugenics is not just the elimination of 80% of humanity which is one of their declared plans. Whoever "they" are, they apparently are trying to create a slave race to serve them. They know of our capabilities and innate awareness to so these need to be stifled and channeled. Whether you think it's ETs or not, that is what's going down bigtime by the Powers That Be.

So, how do they accomplish designing a slave race?

Besides social and mental control programs and short circuiting our bodies with a vast chemical bombardment by air, land and sea? Technology, baby. And groom everyone to crave it. Popularize it, push it, shove it down our throats. We need to become virtual automatons who will never question them, never mind rebel. Beware the chip! That's what they're leading up to.

Hence, the long term planning vision. Again, that kind of engineered societal trajectory and intricate coordination sure seems to be conceived from another dimension.

I mean, why would elites push for this for generations for a day they'll never see? And what human in his right mind would ever perpetrate such atrocities on humanity?

If it is ETs, do all the Controllers Know it?

I'd venture to say very few. Compartmentalization is the name of the game. Remember these invading power freaks are incredibly intelligent although cold blooded. Besides, it would probably freak even most of the lower level controllers right out. Eisenhower is said to have died from a heart attack after meeting the ETs they'd made their treaty with. The exo-politics community has a lot of research and testimony available on this subject.

But who knows?

My point is if you connect ALL the dots they definitely lead off-world or other-worldly in some way. There's just no way you can fit it all in some fleshly earthbound paradigm.

I mean even anthropologists talk about the Sumerians whose tablets clearly describe a visiting extraterrestrial race that intermingled with and engineered humanity. Hindu and Mayan and Chinese legends the same. The serpentine reptilian references alone from every known civilization should be enough dots to cover your computer screen.

What About the Bloodlines?

No contradiction. As David Icke points out these more "pure blooded" descendents of the intermingling between humans and ETs have a greater propensity for shall we say, possession, by at least one line of inter-dimensionals. And apparently a really nasty bloodline going back to a reptilian species that is said to have moved in on earth a long, long time ago.

Just compare his abnormally long head and that of many other Rothschilds with other pictures in this article. Freaky.

Another conehead Jacob Rothschild after a tough night of shapeshifting.

What I find more fascinating is the demeanor of these oligarchical families who seem to be channeling this off-world power. They are in no hurry. They're slow eating parasites, just munching on whatever strikes their fancy as they hoard the world's res for fun and profit. Again, evidence in my opinion of long range vision and intention not only beyond human, but clearly self-serving and anti-human.

Not only is there no light in their eyes, their smugly sinister manner reeks of manipulative malintent. Yet these types are honored with titles of Lord, Knight and Sir(pent).

More remarkable is the adoration and submission they conjure from the manipulated masses they despise. And it's time we woke up.

Aleister Crowley's drawing of the entity LAM who dictated his book. Nice fellow.

We're Not the Manipulated Ones. They Are!

Here's a sort of happy thought. While we're forced to live under their dictatorships disguised as supposed democracies and are subject to their overt and covert manipulations etc., guess who's REALLY getting shafted?


Call it Satan worship if you want. Makes a great analogy. These controllers, the elite "brotherhood" have struck a deal. They get all this power and glory in exchange for carrying out the mission the dark side dictates. Whether you see it as Lucifer usurping God's authority and entitles of a different sort this is essentially what's going on. They even have ceremonies and rituals where they renew their pledge and get a taste of the so-called "divine" to keep them going.

Question: If you had a job working for a known killer, rapist, liar, thief and outright monster who promises you the world if you'll do what he says, you really think you can trust him that there's gonna be a happy ending for you?

Ha! Maybe when these elites flee into their deep underground bases to avoid their planned catastrophes on earth they'll get a little surprise. Just imagine: they slink down to the lower levels of their super cities all smug and feeling really good about themselves and what they pulled.

The elevator door opens and it's a giant barbeque going on. Yes, the inner earth reptilians are having them over for dinner...literally.

Now there's a picture of hell.

11 Answers that have Freaky Questions:

Let's look at some seeming facts and their questionable implications. Let the tumblers fall into place and see what it may unlock for you.

Answers, then Questions

1. A: The world takeover and transformation agenda has passed almost flawlessly through generations, even millennia, via societal engineers.

Q: Who or what on earth has that kind of long term vision and patience?

2. A: The world leaders are answering to many levels of higher authorities almost all of which are kept secret.

Q: Why is it kept secret and where does it ultimately lead as to who or what calls the shots?

3. A: Eisenhower and other leaders are said to have met with ETs and he and/or others in the military Industrial complex made a treaty with some of them.

Q: Is there a secret agreement with ETs in exchange for technology, and how does that fit with the reptilian agenda?

4. A: The massive cover up of the obvious UFO phenomena is very similar to the 9/11 spectacle cover-up.

Q: Is awareness of these 2 phenomena key to finding an empowered fully conscious awareness of what's going on that they're especially afraid of?

5. A: The military industrial complex is busy weaponizing space and is said to be colonizing other planets.

Q: Is the cabal working with the ETs toward some ultimate plan, maybe making earth a battle station to go and conquer other worlds in their on-going very long term agenda?

6. A: UFO sightings are so prevalent and increasingly so."